Easter decorating ideas

I’ll admit that I’m not one to decorate for holidays with plastic clings on the windows or lots of porcelain replicas of a season’s icons. So when it comes to decorating for Easter, bunnies are not quite my thing.

I want a look that’s a bit more upscale or natural. If you’re like minded and want to decorate for spring  and Easter without turning your house into a bunny hutch, then try these four simple ideas.

​1) Flowers. Nothing says spring like flowers. Buy them at the store or simply cut them from your own flowering shrubs and trees. Snip a few tulips and daffodils. Use flowers as centerpieces, on the countertop in an old porcelain pitcher, in a vase in the bathroom or on an occasional table. Flowers are a simple way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers.



2) Eggs. If you want something evocative of the season without being too cutesy, try eggs. Porcelain. Ceramic. Wood. You can find decorated or embellished eggs in a variety of materials at craft and department stores. If you’re ambitious, buy some wooden ones to paint and decorate yourself. Put them in a large bowl or snifter. Scatter across a mantle or table. Add to wreaths or flower sprays. Tuck into shelves, drapes, window sills and ledges, anywhere you want to add a bit of spring color.

easter decorating


3) Open the windows and drapes. Let the fresh smells and soft pastel colors of spring into your rooms for a touch of color and light. Spring sun is still softer and less direct than harsh summer sunlight so it provides a warm glow. Let Mother Nature add interest to your rooms. And besides … it’s free.

Easter decor


4) Change your accents to spring colors. Give your decor the feeling of spring by changing your accent pieces to light spring colors. Put out candles in shades of violet, yellow, pink, and green. Change bathroom towels to lighter coordinating shades. Use different throws and pillows to add a springtime feel to your furniture. These items will lighten up your house without overwhelming it.


With a few simple ideas, you can chase the winter doldrums out of your house and replace it with spring freshness.

Article by Julie Lohmeier. Julie Lohmeier is the veteran of numerous home remodeling and building projects. From working hands on and doing much of the work herself to hiring contractors and construction managers, she has seen the entire spectrum of home improvement. She shares her remodeling tips, home decorating ideas, and other various rants at http://www.myhomeredux.com.

Image Credits: Decoundstyle, HGTV, Corner of Plaid and Paisley, Green Gate, Creations by Kara

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  1. Silas Knight May 26, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    I love these tips for Spring decorating. You have a very good point here, just opening windows and drapes give the home a nice, clean, Spring-like feel. Color is also very important, like you have here, lighter shades are a good choice.


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