5 Creative Uses for Mirrors in the Home


Mirrors don’t have to be reserved for checking yourself out before you leave the house on a morning and they certainly don’t have to be purely functional. With a bit of creativity, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate them into your interior design as a decorative feature, either to make a room look bigger or to add a unique twist to your décor.


Jazz up your staircase by adding mirrors to the front panels of each step. You could buy cheap unframed mirrors and cut them to size for a minimal, modern look, or you could even opt for mosaic mirrored tiles. The latter would admittedly be a little more expensive, but if you’re looking to invest in sprucing up your hallway, mirrored mosaic tiles would create a sophisticated and unusual feature.

Desk Top

If you work from home, you can end up spending the majority of your time in your office, or at your desk. For that reason, it’s important that you treat it as an integral part of the home and spend time decorating it to your taste. You can make an unusual feature of your desk by replacing the glass top panel with a mirrored one, or even by adding mirrors to the drawers if you prefer a more subtle look.


Incorporating mirrors into your garden will make your outdoor space feel bigger, particularly if you invest in mirrored fencing around the parameters. Mirrored fencing panels will admittedly be a pain to keep clean, but they will give the illusion that your garden goes on for miles. You could even make this a DIY job if you’re on a budget, so it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


In a child’s bedroom, a fun feature to add is a wall of different curvy mirrors like the ones from Indigo. It will provide hours of entertainment when their friends come over to play, and no doubt they’ll have endless fun watching their reflection morph into funny shapes when they move around. If you’ve ever taken them to a fairground funhouse, then you’ll already know how much they’re going to love this idea!

Kitchen Panelling

Adding mirrors as panelling above kitchen worktops is an effective way to make the room look bigger. Paired with white cupboards, mirrored panelling will look minimalist and modern, and incorporated into your current décor it will add a unique, inexpensive feature to your kitchen’s design.

However you choose to get creative with mirrors, whether it’s to create the illusion of more space or purely for decorative purposes, you can rest assured that either way it will provide an unusual feature in your home that will no doubt spark the interest of your guests.

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