DIY Entryway Projects

The entryway of any house is the busiest place in the home, and if you have kids... well chaos can ensue on any given morning. I would love to have a contractor come in and build me a custom entry/mud room, but that just aint gonna happen folks... So we found for you some DIY entryway projects, on a budget, to help bring some order back into your home. Whether it's backpacks and homework, keys and … [Read more...]

12 Creative DIY Coat Racks

We all need that space where we can hang our jackets, kick off our shoes and leave the day behind us. It's especially nice if we can find a way to make that space neat and organized! The nice thing about coat racks is that not only are they functional, they are really homey, too. Any space that gives you a spot to take off your coat and stay awhile just says "welcome". So we went off to find you … [Read more...]