DIY Home Hacks

Love getting something expensive for almost nothing? Who doesn't! These clever and creative DIY home hacks will help you decorate and care for your home, without spending money on lots of products...Make your home a more enjoyable place - take short cuts with home hacks! Our feature home hack, above, is from 'Amazon'... use 3M Command hooks to hang curtain rods. This is especially useful if you … [Read more...]

DIY Restoration Hardware Hacks! (part 2)

We love knock off decorating... let's face it, what better way to get a high end look while on a low end budget? RH is almost like holy ground in the DIY world... we all want that industrial, rustic look that somehow they manage to make look amazingly upscale. Don't love Restoration Hardware? Stand up and say so now!  (Sit down, no one can hear you because of all the shouts of joy that we're doing … [Read more...]

DIY Restoration Hardware Hacks! (part 1)

Ok, let's be honest. If you have ever walked into a Restoration Hardware store, you have drooled, just a little bit. (If you haven't, check out their photo, above. Drooling now?) They have perfected a blend of rustic contemporary that few other retailers have, and we love it... but, we don't love the price tags! Now don't get me wrong, if I can afford it at some point, I have my eye on their … [Read more...]

Top 10 IKEA Hacks

We all love it, that huge, lovely, ever so affordable home decor heaven where you can get things that look cool and update your home, for a fraction of the cost. Yes, we mean Ikea. Want to take your Ikea finds to a whole new level? Find out how these amazing DIY'ers turned their Ikea furniture and other finds into ever so creative, totally awesome, incredibly doable Ikea hack tutorials. If you … [Read more...]

Make a West Elm Planter look alike for $2!

We all love having unique home accents in our homes, but sometimes that can be expensive. Terrarium planters are very trendy now, and in looking for something out of the ordinary I came across West Elm's Shane Powers Fishbowl planters and vases... Loved the contemporary look with the traditional overtones, but wasn't crazy about how the price would affect my pocketbook. Here are step by step … [Read more...]

Crate & Barrel Spin Vase Hack

I love Crate & Barrel, and I recently had a yearning for their Spin Hurricane Vases from the catalog. However, even the small one retails for $24.95, so here is The Budget Decorator's hack of the Crate and Barrel Spin Vase that only cost a little over a dollar to make. The 3 photos directly below are Crate & Barrel's version.   Materials One round candle … [Read more...]

DIY Industrial Metal Style Numbers

Ok, so my latest project around the house - I wanted to add some cool, industrial style metal numbers to my living room decor to update the look a bit, and give it some edge. Those cool zinc metal numbers and letters Anthropologie sells are great, but I figured I should be able to do something similar for a lot less. So here it is, call it what you want, my version of  DIY decorative metal numbers … [Read more...]