How to Make a Halloween Graveyard!

Ok, if you really want to get into the fun spirit of Halloween, a graveyard complete with tombstones can be a really creative decoration that can be done inexpensively. I made simple DIY Halloween headstones for our graveyard using pre mixed fast setting concrete... and thats about it! Since the idea is for them to look rotting and old, I just created my own "molds" right in the ground, and mixed … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Need some quick Halloween decorations, that even the kids can help with? Here are three great Halloween decorating ideas using easy to find, inexpensive materials. Craft Foam Creepies Craft foam is sold in sheets at the craft store in a whole array of colors. It is similar to construction paper, but made of thin, durable foam you can easily cut with scissors. Trace simple Halloween shapes … [Read more...]