High Style, Low Budget : Thanksgiving Tables!

If there is one time of year I like to take the time to create a high style table, it's Thanksgiving! After all, for those few hours, it's all about the table, isn't it? It's kinda like what the dress is to the wedding, the table is to Thanksgiving... So even when my budget is tight, I want a Thanksgiving table to make my food look amazing, and my home feel welcoming. So first, we have a couple … [Read more...]

5 Quick and Cheap Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

I've said this before, Thanksgiving decorating is a special time in my house. It reminds us to take time out of our busy lives and remember how very thankful we truly are for the blessings of family. It is also a gateway for the busy, (and sometimes expensive!) holiday season! So here are some great ideas to bump up the autumn splendor in your home, while saving that spending money for other … [Read more...]

DIY Project: Thanksgiving Tree

Looking for a simple but meaningful way to celebrate the holidays? Why not make a Family Thanksgiving Tree? Though it's good to start this wonderful holiday project a week before Thanksgiving Day, it's really never too late to make one! Our family has been making Thanksgiving Trees for several years now and they really make our holidays even more special. As we see our homemade tree hanging up … [Read more...]

How-To Warm up Your Thanksgiving Décor

Thanksgiving decorating day is a special time in our homes, when we all take a little time to appreciate the gifts and blessings in our lives. My number one blessing, as yours, is my family and friends! So let’s find some great decorating ideas to make your home a warm, inviting place this Thanksgiving Day for all your loved ones, including you! Use a natural theme. This might seem like a no … [Read more...]

An Organized Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of remembrance, family and thanks, not a holiday of stress and chaos. Here are 9 easy ways to stay organized for an enjoyable, stress-free Thanksgiving Day: 1. LEAVE COOKING AND CLEANING BEHIND. These days, many people opt to go out for Thanksgiving, instead of cooking and cleaning at home. If you’re an extremely busy person, this may also work for you. If you … [Read more...]