A lot of us tend to have collections… You know what I mean, those beloved things you adore, that people give to you as gifts, and that you pick up at those hole in the wall shops during family vacations? But what can we do with those dozens of dog statues and retro game boards? You’re laughing, but seriously. Our collections reflect a part of what is important to us, and they shouldn’t be shoved into a closet somewhere. Decorating with your collections shows off a personal style in your home, and helps you save money on accessories. After all, you already have this stuff, right? Use it, and decorate your home with collections! Our feature photo, below, is a globe collection from ‘The Locker‘. Notice how grouping them together to display them in one place creates a collection display, and is much more effective than sprinkling them around the house.




From Corynne Pless at ‘Houzz‘, this is a great example of using a collection of practical items as decor… These totes are not only great for storage, when not being used they are bright and cheery accents.



Also from ‘Houzz‘, this is a great example of using your collection to create a theme… These antique buoys make a basis for a great nautical bath!



My Home Style‘ framed old album art instead of keeping it in a dusty old box. Great for a family room.




Collect vintage tins, or any type of containers for that matter? Group them together to store anything you need storing, like they did here at ‘Country Living‘…


Offbeat Home‘ used a vintage lunch box collection not only as a decorative display, but as a filing system!



Kristen from ‘Sophias Decor‘ uses vintage clocks as an inspirational theme for her craft room. Love this look!



From ‘Old House Online‘, this farmhouse displayed their vintage stool collection stacked in an empty corner. Great way to use an awkward space.



From ‘Country Living‘, store and also display a plate collection at the same time… don’t keep those pretty things locked away in kitchen cupboards.



Lastly, this is a great idea from ‘Matt Weldon‘, displaying any kind of glass collection in front of a window. Having light shining through creates a work of art!


Image Credits: Old House Online, The Locker, Houzz, Houzz, My Home Style, Country Living, Offbeat Home, Sophias Decor, Country Living, Matt Weldon


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