If you are anything like me, you could never have too much storage for beauty items. Ok I admit it, I am a little bit of a product junkie. But that does not mean my bathroom has to be cluttered and chaotic! Much as I would love to have a bathroom all to me and my lip glosses, it just doesn’t work like that. At least, not in my family! I have to share the space with other humans, as well as my latest Sephora score. Which means, yes, some creative makeup and beauty storage. So try these budget beauty storage ideas for your bathroom, vanity, or dressing area.



From none other than ‘Cosmo‘, try this the next time you have a drawer full of tangled hair appliances, or worse… if you just shove them under the sink! Use “Command” hooks by 3M inside the cupboard door to hang your hot tools. (Not while they are hot, of course!) This is great even for renters ’cause those hooks release later and don’t leave a mark!

Budget beauty storage-1


This DIY magnetic bathroom rack from ‘Darkroom and Dearly’ is a little touch of genius for a budget beauty storage ideas. This is simply an inexpensive magnetic knife rack… That’s it! No more piles of bobby pins or lost tweezers!

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Got nail polish? Yea, me too. Remember all the colors you have? Yea, me neither!  Well then check out “Our Southerns Home‘s easy cure… inexpensive (you could do thrift store and attach them to the inside of the the bathroom cupboards!) spice racks organize all that nail polish, so you know what you have, and you don’t end up buying 3 bottles of the same pink, just because you couldn’t find the last one you bought in the bottom of the drawer.

Budget beauty storage-4


From ‘Jennifer Nicole‘, this is an easy idea from the dollar store… I personally love those make up palettes that let you play and experiment with different looks… And fortunately for lucky me, Steve has bought me several as gifts! Problem is, they are longer then any other make up item and don’t fit well into ordinary bathroom drawers. Enter the office desk file organizer! Perfect for keeping palettes or brush kits right where you can see them.

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Check out this DIY leather and copper cup organizer from Laura Gummerman via ‘A Beautiful Mess’. Loving this as it is a more modern take on all those mason jar organizers that flooded our Pinterest feeds a ways back. (BTW, we still love mason jars, too!) Great tutorial with lots of photos.


I’ve seen a few magnetic make-up boards on Pinterest, but this one from ‘Liz Marie‘ is different… Why? ‘Cause it’s really pretty! She made a cool storage idea into decor… Imagine that! :)

Budget beauty storage-6


From ‘Good Housekeeping‘, add a second tension shower rod near the shower wall, add hooks, and use to store all those salt scrubs, specialty shampoos and face wash bottles that drive your husband crazy. (Sorry Honey!)

Budget beauty storage-7


From ‘Daily Makeover‘, use this easy idea for all those nail polishes… A cute little glass jar so you can easily see all the contents, but perfect for those of us who just can’t seem to take the time to organize by color and size. ;)

Budget beauty storage-8


Ok, so I admit it. I’m not a big fan of the false lash trend. That having been said, I know a lot of women are. So this idea on how to store your lashes from ‘Beautylish‘ makes a lot of sense… Plastic bead boxes! You can get these at any craft store and in different sizes as well… Could you store earrings like this too?

Budget beauty storage-9

Ok, so let’s use these DIY budget beauty storage ideas to get those products organized and neat, fellow beauty addicts! Need more storage projects? Try our post on Budget Makeup Storage Ideas. And since you already love everything beauty, go check out our post on Amazing Before & After Haircuts for Women over on OhMeOhMy!

Image Credits: A Beautiful Mess, Cosmopolitan, Our Southern Home, Jennifer Nicole, Liz Marie, Good Housekeeping, Daily Makeover, Beautylish


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  1. Linda J January 14, 2016 at 8:53 am

    I am on way to the bathroom! I never thought about the shower rod idea. Great! Thanks.


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