Decorating your mantel for Christmas is one of those things that just seems more special than decorating other places in the home. (Except the tree!) I think that’s because we associate the fireplace, and mantel decor, with warmth and the gathering of family…and also, if you have a fireplace, it’s likely the focal point in a room! Christmas mantel decor should be personalized to your family, whether that means 100% homemade or just semi- DIY.  And if you don’t happen to have a fireplace? No problem, we cover that with awesome no mantel ideas as well! So this post, dear TBD readers, is the ultimate in holiday inspiration… DIY Christmas mantel decorating ideas and tutorials! Oh, and of course, on a budget!


DIY Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas


Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

First, remember to strip your fireplace mantel of its year round decor, if possible. Start with a clean slate… If some of your regular decor fits back in, great! If not, you won’t be trying to create a holiday scheme around items that don’t work.

Second, start your fireplace Christmas mantel decor with greens, or whatever garland type filler you plan on using. This is your background “fill” and gives your arrangement a full and luscious holiday feeling.

Third, choose a statement piece or two that fits with your holiday theme. Every item you use does not have to be a holiday decoration…you can add the seasonal sparkle with the glitter and glow step, next! Just make sure it fits in your theme… if your holiday theme is Snowmen and Snowflakes, then a brass sculpture of an Indian Elephant that your Aunt Jan gave you is not going to work out. ;)

Fourth, choose things that glow and sparkle. Candles, miniature lights, glittery balls…

Lastly, add stockings! What Christmas mantel is complete without stockings! Needs ideas? Then run over to our post, DIY Christmas Stockings and find tutorials there!

Now that you have the basics, here is the fun part…inspiration! Don’t try to copy one of these mantels element for element, that’s not what the holidays is about. Take bits and pieces and ideas here and there, and blend them together for your own Christmas creative mantel decor.


DIY Fireplace Christmas Decorating Ideas

This gorgeous sugar frosted Christmas mantel decor is from ‘Studio DIY‘ who is always awesome with colorful ideas! But this mantel idea is a simple DIY, and they have the entire tutorial at their post. Can you believe these were just mini birdhouses to start? You could also use paper mâché bird houses from the craft store to save even more. Go check out this mantel decor idea and learn how to make it, what paints they used, anyhow they got that amazing sugar plum frosted look!

DIY Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas


Diane at ‘In My Own Style‘ created this Let It Snow” mantel decor, and it is so pretty, yet simple! She has a complete tutorial for the signage, and lots of tips for styling a Christmas mantel!


Chelsea at ‘Two Twenty One‘ created this classic fireplace Christmas decor with her very own buffalo check DIY! We love this mantel so much!


Jump on the buffalo check trend with ‘LandeeLu‘ and try every single one of her warm and fun mantel decorating ideas here! Love this!


Create this Christmas mantel decor from ‘Martha‘ by spray painting styrofoam balls and then echoing the colors of the balls with little bottle brush trees and packages. And of course, you can make the garland from craft store letters!

DIY Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas


Simple Christmas Fireplace Decor

This Christmas mantel decorating idea is as calm and quiet as a snowy Christmas Eve, but so special! I adore this look and think the pop of pastel was a perfect touch. Great ideas from ‘Kristy Wicks‘!


Make these frosted window panes for your fireplace Christmas decor with Diane from ‘ In My Own Style‘. Great instructions for this easy holiday project!


Tonya at Love of Family and Home created this wonderful, soft and fresh mantel with DIY Christmas projects…


This inspirational Christmas mantel idea from HGTV is one I have used in my own home…  I am still a little obsessed with chalkboards! My plan next time is to paint an old frame white, add a little glitter paint, then paint mdf or thin plywood with the chalkboard paint and frame it. This will be my statement piece!

Holiday mantel decorating


Meg from ‘Green with Decor‘ created this easy Christmas mantel idea in a more traditional style. Her round mirror is amazing and really makes the mantel decorations pop. You will see a theme here on these tutorials with the mirror thing, for good reason. (It doubles everything!) Love the wood bread bowl filled with Christmas baubles… Easy and cheap!


Inspiring Christmas Mantel Ideas

From Jennifer at ‘The Magic Brush Inc.’ are these mantel decorating ideas that use inexpensive craft store finds mixed with things she already had. Our fav part of this design? The old garden gate she used as a rustic backdrop!


Another example of a good budget minded statement piece for your fireplace mantel decorating, and the greens could come from your yard or tree trimmings… or even fresh herbs from the grocery store… From Midwest Living.


Also from ‘Midwest Living‘, this mantel decorating idea includes a simple advent calendar you can make and use as a garland. Use small red envelopes and scrapbooking clothespins to create a little treat for each day!


This nature inspired cozy luxe Christmas mantel decorating idea from ‘Pottery Barn‘ could be easily done by a DIY’er. Take note of the mirror leaning against the wall… That reflection of the candles and the greenery makes the space sparkle. Make sure any natural items you use don’t come in contact with the candles, or better yet, use flameless candles! Easy!


Myra at My Blessed Life has a great budget fireplace mantel idea to inspire you…empty frames (could be spray painted in holiday colors, white, or soft glitter?), a vase full of branches and leftover ornaments and bead garland, some extra candle-holders, a cake topper and a hand painted “Believe” sign. Better Homes and Gardens showcased this mantel!


Fun Christmas Fireplace Decorations

Good Housekeeping‘ knows just how to use millennial pink in a Christmas theme! This DIY Christmas mantel decor idea is really simple… a greenery garland, an ornament wreath and a couple of pink and metallic accents. Sophisticated, yet not stuffy!


Terry at Forever Decorating had this great budget mantel decorating ideas… straight from the dollar store and thrift shop! Add spray paint and some glitter, and you have a very cool  mantel!

DIY mantel


This colorful holiday mantel idea is easy to do on a budget… wrap picture frames as gifts, then fill vases and the mantel itself with colorful and bright balls… you can create painted balls, by drizzling paint into clear glass balls from the craft shop, turn the balls until the inside is coated, then let drain over a box until dry inside.

DIY colorful mantel


Green and blue are my favorite colors, and I’m a nature girl, so this one just struck me… and so simple! Wrap the bases of potted plants with fabric and ribbon, add some sparkly ornaments, and if it were me, I would add a few candles in front of that wonderful mirror as well! You don’t need many because the mirror effect will double the number of candles. This and the previous photo are both from ‘Midwest Living‘.

DIY holiday mantel


Don’t have a fireplace mantel? Lookie What I Did has a no mantel decorating solution!

Share with us your creative ideas for Christmas mantel decorating ideas in the comments section below…maybe you will inspire one of your fellow TBD readers! Then try our post on our very own DIY Christmas Luminaria or  DIY Christmas Cones! Or check out DIY Christmas Stocking Holders over at OhMeOhMy…

You also might want to check out our post on New & Trending Outdoor Christmas Lights, over on our sister blog “The Garden Glove”.








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