What the heck are moss spheres, you ask? Well, they are a cool, organic and chic decorating accent to be displayed on trays, on bowls, in pots… you name it, this works! You can buy these kind of decorative spheres at many upscale stores… or you can make DIY moss spheres for your home without the expense. And a bonus? The DIY versions tend to look more unique, and natural as well, not so commercial. And we actually found several bloggers out there who have done some great tutorials on DIY moss spheres. Here are our picks!

Setting for Four is one of our fav blogs, and Heather has done a great job with these DIY reindeer moss spheres… She has some great tips on glue as well! I LOVE how she used them in her decor!

DIY moss spheres


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This project is just a little bit different…and while there is a tutorial, you may need Google translator to read it! No matter… just take the basic moss sphere and wrap with jute twine. Gives it a really nice twist!



The Graphics Fairy has a low budget solution for the rising prices of styrofoam… a DIY moss orb made from a playground ball!



And here is an inspirational photo from The Art of Finer Things.

DIY Moss Balls


These Moss Spheres are from The Winthrop Chronicles.

moss spheres


Lastly, we have another little twist on the moss spheres, or orbs… Grits and Glamour did these incredible moss balls covered with burlap, moss, lichen and even added some more natural elements like twigs and a bird nester. LOVE THIS!


So try one of these projects, perfect for spring decorating!

Image Credits: The Winthrop Chronicles, Setting for Four , Livs Lyst, Graphics Fairy, the art of finer things, Grits and Glamour

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  1. Heather January 24, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Thanks so much for featuring my reindeer moss spheres and spring mantel as well as your sweet words on my blog! I love adding a touch of nature indoors especially this time of year and the color and texture of moss is so beautiful! ~ Heather


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