Choosing color for your home is about more than just what looks good on the walls. It’s about how the color makes you feel. For me, how it feels is more important than how it looks. There is a real basic psychological connection to colors, and it varies for each person. While there are some good general color mood guidelines,  color “memory” can affect how an individual color can affect your mood. What do I mean by that? Think about a relaxing, happy memory of yours. Does it have color in? Maybe the pure blue of sky from a day at the beach with family where you felt carefree and relaxed? Or perhaps a deep rose color, reminding you of walks in your grandmothers garden where you felt protected and guided. Remember as you read these basic guidelines for how color affects mood, that you need to take in your own experiences as well. Good ways to find out how color affects  your mood?




  • First things first. Whenever you start out decorating a room, the first thing you want to determine is what mood, or feeling you want that room to evoke.
  • Next, make a list of memories that evoke that same feeling. Are there colors associated with th ode memories?
  • If you think you know you want a blue living room because it’s relaxing, search Pinterest for photos. Not all blues are the same, and it can help you visualize if that is really the feeling you were looking for.
  • If you identify a color you feel you want, but the photos you find aren’t quite giving you the exact feeling  you were looking for, try the color right next to it on the color wheel. If blue isn’t doing it, try blue-green. Not quite there? Move on to green! Often times we are surprised by the feeling a similar color will give us… Those photos will help you define it.


Green… Refreshing, calming, but with energy, signifies life and regrowth and newness. Green can be energetic, such as an apple or spring green, calming, such as in a spa green, or serious, using a riher, more kelly green. The only room I would not recommend using green is the bathroom, as it can cast unflattering light on the face.



Pink… Pink is a happy, soothing color that has a feminine feel, but can be used in small doses without becoming too prissy. Can be toned down with white. Use brighter tones to look more adult.



Black…Black tells it the way it is… it’s a color that makes us feel sophistication, grounded, and strong. Any room could use a few touches of black if it feels like it’s missing something to add stability. Add black for elegance or to get attention.



Yellow…Few colors make us feel as good as yellow. It’s like having a room full os sunshine! You must be careful about choosing yellows though, and make sure you try the color our in your room in different lights and different times of day. A butter yellow is almost always a good choice.



Red…Red is full of energy, sometimes used in dining rooms to stimulate appetite. I honestly am not a big fan of red, must be something in my memory, huh? :) I do see it used pretty successfully with white. Just keep in mind it is a bold color that can get tired on the eyes rather quickly. But if you love it, and it makes you feel strong and empowered and like you can do anything, use it!



Orange…Feels warm and congenial, best used as an accent. Steve’s favorite color. ;)



White…White is the ultimate purifier… used by itself, or to add freshness to almost any color, white adds light and lightness to a room…



Purple… Purple is a  romantic color, and and can feel mysterious.



Blue…Relaxing and calming, this is the ultimate color for a room where you want a respite from the world. Remember there are many different shades of blue, however… and they all have a different feel. Find the one that speaks to what you want to feel!


Use color to make you feel connected to each room in your home. Creating a feeling in your rooms is the best way to create a home in which you feel safe, loved, warm and welcome. And a plate of cookies always helps too. :)

Image Credits: Pottery Barn, BHG, HGTV, BHG, BHG, BHG, BHG, BHG

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  1. Lisa Kreiser April 17, 2015 at 4:08 am

    Can anyone tell me what the exact color name is for the yellow kitchen is? I just moved and the previos owners painted the kitchen black! I’m trying to brighten it up and make it more cheerful! Thanks!


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