One Day Curb Appeal Projects

Whether you plan to sell your home, or you just want it to make a better first impression, there are lots of curb appeal projects you can complete in just one day! Oh, and they won't make you break open the college fund either... A little bit of work and you can change the look of your home and increase it's value. Our feature project above, is from 'Craft Pro'. Power washing your steps or … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal on a Budget

Sometimes we're so busy decorating the interior of our home , we forget about the view most people see first...the outside! Perhaps we think improvements to the exterior of the home are usually expensive. Not true! What a better place to showcase your clever creativity than where every passerby can see, in DIY curb appeal decorating. ​Your best friend here is a building site. Find out where … [Read more...]