Make a Contemporary Upholstered Headboard for Under $30

Want to make a contemporary upholstered headboard for your bedroom, but don't want to spend the three to four hundred dollars or more to buy one? Using a contemporary style headboard is a fast way to update any style bedroom and freshen your look. Here is a step by step home decorating project to make your own upholstered headboard for a fraction of what buying one would cost! Supplies: One … [Read more...]

Ten Creative Headboard Ideas for Frugal Decorators

Need a new headboard, but don't have a fortune to spend? How about using things you already have or things that others may want to discard to make a custom headboard that is not only stylish and creative, but inexpensive as well! Here are some ideas to help stir those creative juices (be careful not to spill 'em!)! 1. Use an old door. If you want a classic wood look, sand and stain the door … [Read more...]