DIY Vintage Suitcase Projects

They don't make suitcases like they used to...the older ones have character and patina, and you can still find affordable vintage suitcases at thrift stores and in antique shops for reasonable prices. We have run across a bunch of DIY vintage suitcase projects that I think are charming enough for every home. If you have a few in the attic, or Grandma is getting ready to clean out the basement, … [Read more...]

Vintage Style Decorating – How to

Vintage style decorating uses items from the past to create a warm, nostalgic look. Today's vintage style is not just a country look, with antiques and chintz fabric. Vintage style is now combined with more modern choices for a take that is fresh, yet full of the charm and history from the past.  Here are great ideas and inspiration for how to create vintage style in your home decor. This … [Read more...]

“New Country” Bathroom Decorating

  If your hectic life makes you yearn to escape to the countryside, why not create a little "get away" in your own home? Believe it or not, the bathroom is a prime candidate for a country theme. This is the room you use to shower or soak away the day's dirt as well as prepare for the day ahead. Why not give it a relaxing, country feel?   The easiest way to give your … [Read more...]