DIY Budget Kitchen Makeovers – One Project at a Time

Doing a whole kitchen makeover can change your day to day life, quite literally. It can also drain your bank account. Fortunately, if you take it one project at a time, you can break the budget down for each DIY project and in a short time have a completely new kitchen! We went out and found projects to help you makeover each major component of your kitchen space, while creating a custom high end … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Redo a Backsplash (Right Over the Old One!)

When your kitchen feels outdated or tired, one of the best places a DIY'er can make a change is the backsplash. These 6 ways to redo a backsplash include ideas that you can use right over the old one! That means no messy demo, no risking damaging the drywall in an effort to tear out the old one, and a quick and inexpensive project. So use one of these ideas to make your kitchen look new again, or … [Read more...]

Quick Kitchen Makeovers on a Dime!

The kitchen is the hub of most homes today, and is the room we spend the most time in outside the bedroom! It deserves to be thought of as a style show stopper, and here are some quick and inexpensive ways to achieve that perfect kitchen decorating makeover without doing a remodel that could cost you thousands. Our feature photo, above, is a cottage fresh kitchen makeover by Cami from 'Tidbits'. … [Read more...]

How to Install a Backsplash

One of the fastest ways to update and upgrade a kitchen or bath is to install a new backsplash. There are so many options these days, from glass mosaics, to classic subway tiles, to peel and stick versions anyone can do. Yep, it's a job, but it is one that can be done by us DIYers! So if you are willing to put in a little elbow grease, you could save hundreds of dollars and have a space that looks … [Read more...]

9 Traits of an Organized Kitchen

Having an organized kitchen can make the whole house run smoother. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home, and having it in chaos sets the stage for a whole home in chaos. Use these easy organization tips to make sure your kitchen has everything in it's place! Photo above courtesy of HGTV. 1. The number one rule of an organized kitchen is to store items where you use them. Put your … [Read more...]

Organize Your Kitchen (On a Budget!)

Organizing products and systems can be expensive, even at the discount store. But there is no room in the home where being organized is more important than the kitchen! Let us give you an organizing hand with these great ideas for kitchen organizing on a budget. No matter how tight your wallet, there is always a way to make it better, prettier, cleaner or more enjoyable. Get organized! This … [Read more...]

Drool Worthy Decor: Farmhouse Kitchens

For anyone who spends any time on home decorating blogs, Pinterest or hey, the real world, you know that farmhouse kitchens are hot. Did they ever stop being "hot"? I think every decade has had their own version of the farmhouse kitchen. Warm, friendly, nostalgic spaces, they are perfect spots for long conversations, good red wine, and Saturday morning waffle sessions. (Do you guys notice I … [Read more...]

One Day Kitchen Updates

When you ask most of us which room we want to update the most, the majority will answer the kitchen. We spend a good amount of time there, cooking, eating, doing homework, entertaining...Problem is, kitchen remodeling not only takes a lot of cash, but a fair amount of time as well. We found TBD readers some great one day kitchen updates that won't take a lot of time or money! You can start making … [Read more...]

7 Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Not all homes are blessed with large, professional-grade culinary spaces for streamlined meal preparation. Small kitchens can still function perfectly well, even though they lack expansive cabinets and large islands. The issue with tight kitchens is that most homeowners and renters don’t utilize all of the space available to them. Don’t let alcoves go to waste; use these seven ideas to store … [Read more...]

Fresh and Easy Kitchen Style

Need some fresh and easy kitchen style ideas? I think we would all like to bring a little more charm into this utilitarian space. Here are a few easy kitchen decorating ideas to add some style to your kitchen while saving some cash. Paint, paint, paint! For years people believed utilitarian spaces should remain white for cleanliness issues, but we no longer live in the dark ages. (Cleaners work … [Read more...]

Budget Backsplash DIY

  If you have a boring builders kitchen backsplash you would like to update, but are decorating on a budget, here are some great ideas to create a one of a kind custom look for your kitchen with a DIY budget backsplash! Our featured project, above, is from DIY Network and uses maps for a backsplash. Use cast off or leftover tiles to make a mosaic backsplash for your kitchen or bath. Break … [Read more...]

Today’s Country Kitchen Decorating

Country kitchens are one of the most popular kitchen styles today, and with good reason. This style emphasizes family and home, and has come a long way from the cluttered country look of the ‘80’s. Here are some great ideas for bringing today's country feel to your kitchen without bustin’ the budget!   Bring fabric and pattern into the kitchen! Soft curtains on the window, … [Read more...]

Simple Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often known as the heart of the home. It is the place where we gather to eat, cook, entertain, and spend time with friends and family. As a result, the kitchen can become one of the most difficult rooms to organize and keep clean. Try some of these tips and time savers to organize your kitchen and simplify your life.   Countertops: * Clean your countertops and remove … [Read more...]

Faux Finish Granite Countertops in 8 Easy Steps

I once had a neighbor who faced brilliant orange Formica counter tops in her home. Raising little ones on a single mother's salary didn't allow her the budget to replace those counter tops. To her, (as it would be to me), living with those counter tops would be nearly unbearable! She tried everything she could to cover them to no avail. They were still orange, they were still an eyesore. If you … [Read more...]

Kitchen Decorating: How to Paint Your Cabinets

Decorating a kitchen can be expensive and time consuming job. If you’re decorating on a budget, one of the fastest ways to transform a kitchen space is to paint the cabinets. While is does take a little time and effort, a kitchen can be made to look new again in a weekend. Painted furniture is an up to date way to deal with builders cabinets, or cabinets that need to be rejuvenated. Step 1 … [Read more...]

Step by Step: Decorating a Contemporary Style Kitchen

Decorating a contemporary style kitchen can be easy and affordable. With the popularity of such retailers as Ikea, West Elm and CB2, contemporary style has gained new emphasis in the home decorating world, and with good reason. If you are looking for a clean, chic design for your kitchen, follow these step by step instructions for creating your own stylish space, personalized for your family and … [Read more...]

Frugal Kitchen Spruce Ups

Most of us spend a good deal of time in our kitchens these days, and it's not just for cooking. More homes are being built with the kitchen as the hub of the home, and even if you're on a tight budget, that shouldn't stop you from kitchen decorating and making it a pleasant and personal place to be! Here are some great ideas to get you started... If your cabinets are in need of a total … [Read more...]

DIY Back-Splash Decorating Ideas: 5 How-To’s

Decorating your back-splash might not seem like a DIY decorating project, but it just takes a little creativity to transform your kitchen into a one of a kind! Use these back-splash decorating ideas to get you thinking about what unusual materials you could use to DIY your way to a really cool kitchen! Our feature project, above, is a pegboard backsplash by 'DIY Network'.  Dollar Store Glass … [Read more...]