I’ve been obsessed with green interior decor lately. And my favorite rabbit hole to go down is green kitchen ideas and inspiration. I think green is such a great color for kitchens, so I’m glad it’s become so popular lately. Anything from deep, dark emerald green to calming hues of sage can create the loveliest atmosphere in a kitchen. I think that’s because green is an inherently natural color. It feels earthy, comfortable, and calming. But instead of being earthy in the neutral toned, basic kind of way, it brings color to your room! A beautiful color at that.

Reminiscent of herbs ranging from soft sage green to a bright basil green, this color just makes so much sense to include in your kitchen. Whether you just want to incorporate a pop of green or fully embrace this hue with all green cabinetry, we’ve got ideas to get your inspired.

Dark Green Kitchen Ideas

Some of the prettiest green kitchens I’ve stumbled up on have included deep, bold shades of green. These range from nearly black to lush emerald colored cabinets. Here are some I’ve selected as my favorites.

1. Emerald green kitchen cabinets and coordinating walls

These bold, emerald green kitchen cabinets paired with a singular, continuous open shelf and coordinating emerald green wall definitely bring the drama. And that marble counter and matching marble backsplash are stunning.

kitchen with deep green cabinets, wood floor, marble counter and backsplash and green walls
photo source: DeVOL Kitchens


2. White kitchen with dark green cabinets

This kitchen features a similar dark green theme, but keeps things a bit lighter throughout. That white counter, backsplash and floors create a gorgeous contrast with this beautiful green hue.

image of dark green built in shelving and cabinetry in kitchen with white walls, backsplash, and tile floors
photo source: House & Home


Sage Green Kitchen Ideas

Soft greens are naturally relaxing and peaceful. Let your kitchen feel like a nature-inspired oasis with these beautiful sage green kitchen ideas.

3. Farmhouse kitchen with sage green cabinets

There’s so much about this gorgeous farmhouse kitchen that I just love. The ladder is an extra practical touch that gives it a farmhouse feel while the glass rounded French doors and gold fixtures add a bit more modern touch. We love pairing gold decor with green, too.

view of kitchen with white counters, glass French doors, and a farmhouse style ladder with green cabinetry throughout
Photo source: Gunter & CO


4. Light and airy green kitchen

My favorite part about this kitchen is definitely that gorgeous sky light. All that natural lighting paired with the soft sage green cabinetry gives this kitchen such a natural, relaxing ambience.

soft white kitchen with sage green cabinets and large sky light
Photo source: Middleton Bespoke

5. Create contrast with light sage in a dark kitchen

Ok, now let’s go a completely different direction from the last featured kitchen. This one creates stunning contrast with slate floors and dark wood open shelving. The light sage green cabinets and white refrigerator, sink, and counters brighten this kitchen up beautifully.

kitchen with dark slate floors, dark wood shelving, and sage green cabinets
Photo source: TOM


Olive green kitchen ideas

A bit on the bold side, olive green evokes the culinary nature of kitchen design. Olive green pairs wonderfully with rustic kitchen designs, natural tones, and white.

6. Olive green kitchen cabinets

This one is for those who love color in their lives. Choose kitchen cabinets in a bold olive green hue like this if you’re ready to really go green.

kitchen pantry area with olive green cabinets, white walls and shelves, and a brick floor
Photo source: Thomas Ford & Sons


Green and white kitchen ideas

Green and white pair perfectly in these gorgeous kitchen designs. This is a color match made in heaven and the perfect inspiration if you’re looking for a way to renovate an already white kitchen- just add color!

7. A grassy green and white kitchen

Choose a grassy green like this one for a simply cheerful look in your kitchen. All that natural light reflecting off this white kitchen gives it such a bright feeling sure to pick you up as you make your morning coffee.

white kitchen with light wood floors and grass green cabinets
Photo source: Planet Furniture

8. Soft green and white

Give your kitchen some zen vibes with this effortlessly calming green hue. Paired with white to keep things clean and simple, this kitchen would be a delight to cook in.

deep, soft green cabinets in a kitchen with white counters and a white square tile backsplash
Photo source: Herringbone Kitchens

9. A warm white and green kitchen

Something about this space seems to just glow. I think it’s the warmth of the veining in the marble paired with warm undertones in those gorgeous green cabinets. Add a brass hardware, and your kitchen is sure to always feel warm and welcoming.

photo of a kitchen with white and beige marble counters and backsplash with soft sage green cabinets
Photo source: Shape London

How to incorporate some green in your kitchen

Not ready for a full on kitchen renovation, but sold on including some green in your kitchen? Don’t worry, we have ideas for you! Here are some budget friendly and low effort ways to add a pop of green in your life.

Green backsplash ideas

You already know we have great DIY ideas to cover up an old backsplash. With that in mind, use one of these ideas to incorporate green into your kitchen with minimal mess and time!

10. Faux green marble glass backsplash

Use this stick on backsplash for an easy kitchen renovation on a budget. That green marble is quite the statement and will give your kitchen a whole new look with just one change

kitchen counter with green marble backsplash


11. Contact paper backsplash

Accomplish a similar yet more understated look with an easy to use material- contact paper! You’ll need to work with a smooth surface to apply this look. If you have a blank wall as a backsplash- perfect!

white counter with dark cabinets and light green marble backsplash


12. Green stick on tile backsplash

Stick on tiles are a reliable, easy way to upgrade your backsplash. And a colorful patterned tile design like this one will really refresh your kitchen’s style!

kitchen with white cabinets and green patterned tile backsplash

13. Wallpaper backsplash

We loved this look featured in House and Home. Not only does it feature gorgeous green cabinets, but it also continues with our favorite color more subtly in the wallpaper backsplash.

kitchen with green cabinets and green wallpaper as a backsplash
Photo source: House and Home


Copy it for yourself with a stick on wallpaper like this one from Wayfair. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you probably shouldn’t have wallpaper on its own behind your stove. The example above is covered by tempered glass. If getting a glass panel to cover your backsplash sounds like a hassle, consider using your wallpaper around the rest of your kitchen, but keep tile behind your stove. 

green floral wallpaper shown in bathroom


Green kitchen island

A kitchen island is a great place for a pop of color. They’re usually centrally located, meaning color here will actually get noticed. And since they’re a smaller piece of your whole kitchen, you can switch it up without completely changing the look and feel of your design.

white and neutral tone kitchen with a sage green island
Photo source: Elliott Biddle Interiors


15. DIY a green kitchen island

Don’t have a kitchen island? Now may be the time to DIY one, and make it a green one while you’re at it! Check out our list of DIY kitchen island ideas on our sister blog OhMeOhMy for inspiration.

Green DIY kitchen island shown in white kitchen
Photo source: BHG

16. Paint your kitchen island

 If you pursued the white kitchen trend, this might be the solution for you. Put that blank canvas to use with a bit of paint! Simply painting your island is a lot less time consuming than painting your kitchen cabinets or walls. Be sure to check out our guide on how to paint your kitchen cabinets without sanding them to make this project a breeze!

Creat the green kitchen of your dreams!

Well, I hope these ideas leave you feeling inspired to work a bit of green into your kitchen decor! Whether it’s a complete remodel, a cabinet painting project, or simply some green kitchen counter decor, you know it’ll be a great addition to bring some green hues into your kitchen. Looking for more kitchen projects? You’ll love our posts on quick kitchen makeovers, kitchen organization ideas, and easy one-day kitchen updates.

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