One of the first DIY projects I ever tackled was painting a kid’s wall mural, and it was the best. Of course, back in the day,  I didn’t have Pinterest, and man, I wish I had! If I had had these 10 easy DIY projects then… But, even with my limited imagination and technique, painting wall murals for my kids left them with memories they still talk about today, 20 years later. In fact, they have done the same to their kids walls! So learn how to paint DIY wall murals for kids. You don’t have to be an artist to try these 10 DIY projects. This is the most fun you will ever have with a paintbrush, and they will remember those rooms forever. Did we mention all you need is paint, a brush, and painters tape? (Don’t forget to pin one of these ideas for later, you know you are going to want to come back to this!)


How to Paint Wall Murals for Kids


Easy Kid’s Wall Mural Ideas

Mountain Wall Mural Idea

Ok, we’re going to start with one of the most popular kids wall mural ideas. Learn how to paint a DIY mountain mural from ‘The Sweetest Digs‘.  Seriously, this is so easy! The trick here is to use the right painters tape (she tells you which one she used) and the right foam rollers.


Camp Theme Mountain Wall Painting

I Spy DIY‘ did a kids room makeover with a camp theme. Love their take on the mountain mural! (And that teepee?) We love the idea of tailoring the painting to the child’s interests, so this would be great for an outdoorsy kid.


Ombre Kid’s Wall Mural

The Party Parade‘ has their own version of a DIY mountain mural, and we love it! Soft as a sunrise, this easy DIY paint project is about the layers. Oh my gosh, I want this room for myself! Can you imagine how many different soft color themes you could use for this painting? Pink is definitely not the only option here.


Easy Space DIY Wall Mural

Paint an inspirational night sky mural with this tutorial from ‘Lovely, Etc‘. You could do this imaginative wall mural as is, or use it as a base for a solar system kids room theme. Simple instructions!


‘Studio Gray House’ made this galaxy mural wall for their kids playroom, and it doesn’t look like child’s play! The thing is, it’s really easy to paint wall murals for kids. Go through the tutorial and check out all the step by step detail. You can make this wall happen!



Painting Flower and Garden Wall Mural Ideas

Say Yes‘ featured this painted wall mural done by her friend Audrey. While this isn’t exactly a tutorial, she does talk you through the process and gives you the courage to give it a try! (Plus, tips on how she did it!) We love florals, it was something I did for my youngest daughter’s room when she was 3. She had a whole garden space with a picket fence, and flowers are a lot easier to paint than one might think. Try this! (Note: When I did my daughters room, we used a light yellow background to indicate sunshine. It was the happiest room in the house!)


This next one isn’t a DIY, but it piggy backs off the last tutorial and gives you some great inspiration. Leah Bartholomew painted this kids room mural as a commission for ‘Petite Vintage Interiors‘. Remember when you paint wall murals for kids, you are looking for a stylized design, not an exact representation. And if you can paint shapes, you can learn how to paint wall murals! Step one: Pencil on your design. Two: Paint it in! Three : Turn any mistakes into trees, or bigger flowers, or just paint over them and start again. It’s paint!


Farmyard Wall Painting

This farmyard wall mural is awesome, right? She painted this in a kid’s bathroom, but it would be perfect in a nursery or toddlers room as well. Jump on over to ‘Jaime Castiglio‘ to find out tips on how to paint a mural like this yourself. She used chalk to sketch out the large features and then painted in the background first.

DIY Wall Mural Ideas for Kids


Rainbow DIY Wall Mural

Melanie Lissack Design‘ used painters tape and paint to create this rainbow DIY mural wall.  What a cute look for a playroom or kid’s room. And super easy! You could use these type of bright primary colors, or you could create a pastel rainbow effect. Go check out photos of the whole room together. This could be the start of your little one’s very own fairy tale!

DIY Wall Mural Ideas for Kids


Dinosaur Wall Painting for Kids

Learn how to paint a dinosaur kid’s wall mural with this step by step video from ‘My Wonderful Walls‘. They use their stencil kit to create this super amazing fantasy mini Jurassic Park!

DIY Wall Mural Ideas for Kids


DIY Kid’s Wall Mural Under the Sea

Last we have an idea for all of you who think these are amazing, but just don’t want to do all this by hand. You can paint the walls a background color, then use stencils to create the details! This Etsy shop, ‘My Wall Stencils’ has tons of options. We love this Under The Sea wall stencil kit! Google your theme with the words “Wall stencil kit” for other options. In addition, stenciled designs will never peel off like some of the vinyl cling wall decor can.

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