Blanket ladders are one of those things that we drool over in the pages of magazines. They are simple, but they add such a great element to any style room. They work for Farmhouse to Modern, Scandinavian to Boho. And, they are one of the hardest working accent pieces you can own. Not only do they look awesome, they offer you storage of towels, linens, and yes, blankets! Did you know you can easily make one yourself for a fraction of the cost you would find them at a furnishings accent store? In fact, a couple of these you can make for less than $15! DIY blanket ladders are one of the most satisfying projects you can make, because you will use them everyday. Oh, and did we mention? They are trendy and on point. And, they will take your boring room from… well, boring, to something special. Yep, a blanket ladder DIY project can do all that. Plus, you won’t have all your throws in a corner of the living room floor, courtesy of the kids, the dogs or the SO. Worth it right there? Ok, let’s get to the tutorials!



DIY Blanket Ladders


Farmhouse Blanket Ladder DIY

We are obsessed with this Farmhouse blanket ladder DIY from ‘Old Salt Farm‘. Easy to make, easy to use in any room. We love how they styled it with the wreath as well. It doesn’t have to be just about blankets! Go check out this entire tutorial, and then make one!


Modern Blanket Ladders

Make this modern blanket ladder in under 30 minutes with these easy instructions from ‘Darling Darleen‘. Made from wooden dowels and copper pipe tees, this one is just different enough to catch our attention. We know it will definitely catch yours!


Here is another modern style DIY blanket ladder that doesn’t take any floor space! This wall hanging style from ‘Ave Styles‘ uses rope to create a good part of the “ladder”, and wood dowels for the rungs. Pretty, modern, but versatile enough to use in any style room.


Boho Blanket Ladders

Make this Boho style DIY blanket ladder from ‘DIY Network‘ with their step by step tutorial. Lots of photos lead you through this project that is made with wooden dowels and lumber and a few power tools. You could use this blanket rack in almost any style home, but it’s minimal lines make it perfect for Boho Modern.


Angled Blanket Rack

This super easy blanket rack is angled out at the bottom, and a little taller than some of the others here. It has a substantial West Elm kind of look, and we are in love with it! This is made simply with framing lumber and wood screws. That’s it! From ‘Nick and Alicia‘, we love the styling of this entire room!


Rustic Wooden Blanket Ladder

Lastly we have this rustic wooden blanket ladder tutorial for you from ‘Homemade Lovely‘. She literally made this in 30 minutes. Yep, you read that right. Intrigued? Don’t blame you. Why aren’t you there already?


So no excuses now, you have plenty of choices for easy DIY blanket ladders you can make for yourself! Now jump right on over to our post on DIY Chunky Knit Throw Blankets that you can learn to arm knit in 45 minutes! Also visit our posts DIY Area Rugs and New & Modern DIY Pegboard Ideas over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy, or DIY Firewood Racks over at TGG!

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  1. Melissa @ Melissa Made That February 18, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    My husband has offered to build me a blanket ladder a few times – we definitely need one, but it always falls down the priority list. This list of ideas has definitely renewed my interest! So many ideas I never would have thought of – especially loving the white and gold, and the wall hung one. Maybe I can make one myself instead of waiting for it to come up on the Honey Do list :)


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