Board games have become a bigger part of the average families recreation the last ten years, and I think it’s a positive thing. I think it gives the family an opportunity to reconnect with each other, and in the ever increasing tech world we live in, that’s a good thing. I’ve also noticed that when you compare board games to computer games, even computer games played as a group, people who are playing the board games laugh more, talk more, exchange more…And let’s face it, younger kids need a place to play their games that doesn’t include the kitchen table.  So let’s encourage board games, by creating our own DIY game tables! You can either use these in the family living areas of your house, tucked in some comfortable corner to be brought out after dinner…or, you can create a whole game room if you prefer! (Watch for a post on game rooms coming this fall!) So whether you need to beat the heat or come in from the cold, make your own DIY game table!




Our featured project, above, is a free table turned game table by ‘Pondered Primed Perfected’. What a cool idea!

If you have kids, you have Legos. ‘My Frugal Adventures’ has a tutorial on how to make this DIY Lego tray that keeps their creations safe between building sessions… and it only cost $5 to make!



‘Home Stories A to Z’ created this DIY checkerboard table for her boys from an Ikea table and paint… Good directions on making the squares!

DIY Game Tables


From ‘Cookies, Craft and Chaos’, learn how to make a basic DIY game table from an old coffee table… and some cute game pieces to boot! If you want to know if there are more games you can play other than checkers, check out this link on Board Game Geeks.



The Fackrell Family made this gaming table project from an old dining table. This tutorial is very complete, and they made this whole project with borrowed tools and little woodworking experience. Great example of what you can accomplish, DIY!



From BHG, simply paint a coffee table top with chalkboard paint, and use chalk to keep score, create checkerboards, play hangman….



‘This Old House’ shows you how to make a DIY Ricochet game table from a hollow core door! In case you don’t know what Ricochet is, it’s kinda like air hickey, without the air… SO much fun! Step by step tutorial with lots of photos and a supply shopping list.




On ‘Wonder How To’, we found these directions for a DIY vertical chess board you can hang, and play, on the wall! Photo by Straight Up Chess.



‘Sassy Crafter’ turned this old flea market end table into a nostalgic Chinese checkers table, by inserting an old board game to it’s top. She covered it with glass, but you could attach it permanently if you preferred.


Image Credits: Cookies Craft and Chaos, Pondered Primed Perfected, My Frugal Adventures, Home Stories A to Z, Fackrell Family, BHG, This Old House, Straight Up Chess, Sassy Crafter

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    1. Kathy Woodard March 12, 2015 at 1:11 pm

      Thanks Charlene! Love the idea, my daughter used this idea to make a Lego table for her 3 year old! Love it!


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