I love my garden, but there are certain times when I don’t feel very inspired in it. While I never tire of new plants pushing through the soil in spring, or of fall leaves in all their colors, or even frost icing the edges of an ornamental grass, sometimes the whole space just needs a lift. It seems like over time, either we change our tastes, or the way we use the garden changes, or honestly, we just get plain bored. Spruce up your garden on a budget with these low cost DIY projects and ideas!




This DIY tree swing from ‘The Merry Thought’ looks right at home in that natural setting. You do not – we repeat, DO NOT have to be a kid to have a swing in your garden!

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Maybe all you need is something to draw your eye through the garden. Install this flagstone path in a weekend, with this tutorial from ‘Sunset’. Keep the cost down by just making a portion of the path flagstone, and the rest pea gravel.

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This idea from ‘Country Living‘ will have your garden beds “sharing the love” while watching your budget. Freshen your beds with plants that give you more bang for your buck, like lavender. It’s fragrant and beautiful, tough as nails, fast growing and it self propagates new baby plants every spring!

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Make this easy garden obelisk with this tutorial from ‘Flower Patch Farmhouse’. This is a great way to add height and interest to the garden, and by painting them in a color to match the mood of your space, they are pretty all year long!

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These DIY twine lanterns from ‘Splash of Something’ will keep you using that garden space well into the evening. We love using lights in the garden, and this is an easy DIY project using glue and balloons! Jump on over and check it out…

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Want to hide a boring view, or simply bring an element into the garden that is at eye level, and can change as often as you want? Try this DIY vertical wall garden from ‘AKA Design’! Great tutorial with lots of tips on  how to turn a little lumber and chicken wire into a cool focal point in the garden. This is a great way to garden on a budget, and in a small space!

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Need a little whimsy? These DIY mushrooms will do the trick, and they are as budget friendly as can be! From ‘My Paper Inclination’, they are made from branches and dollar store bowls, plus a little paint. Awesome!

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If you want to know how to add an arbor to your garden, check out how to build a simple garden arbor over on our gardening site, TGG. That in itself will really spruce up your garden, but how about you take it one step further? Add birdhouses to the top of your arbor like they did in this pic from ‘BHG‘. Charm!

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Want a bird bath that looks like  a substantial pillar in the garden, but only cost dollars to make? Then check out this DIY brick birdbath from ‘Robin’s Nesting Place’. This is a clever use of leftover brick (or used brick from a salvage yard!). And the saucer on top is just so simple.

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Lastly, have you been hanging around Pinterest and have caught sight of those amazing chicken wire garden sculptures? Well ‘Ehow’ has a full tutorial on how to sculpt with chicken wire! Start with this small dragonfly, then use the next photo to inspire you!

Spruce Your Garden-11


Finally, these dueling rabbits are from ‘Holyfield Nurseries‘ in the UK, made by Susan Nichols. Susan teaches workshops on making chicken wire sculptures!

Spruce your garden-12

Now that you know how to spruce up your garden on a budget, try our post on DIY Window Boxes or 12 DIY Ideas for Porches, Patios and Decks.

Image Credits: A Merry Thought, Country Living, Flower Patch Farmhouse, My Paper Inclination, BHG, Robin's Nesting Place, Ehow, Holmfield Nurseries


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  1. A Green Hand July 20, 2017 at 8:24 am

    I love your post a lot, especially when you say that we do not have to be a kid to have a swing in the garden! Everyone can play swing! I love the lanterns so much! They look really cute and it must be very excited when looking at them at night!


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