Quote Me! DIY Projects with Quotes

If you have been reading our blogs for awhile, you know I have a thing for quotes. Quotes that are meaningful to us offer us a little "oomph" when we are dragging on energy or feeling a little low, can give us motivation, make us feel spiritual, or make us feel loved. They are the important words that remind us why we are here, and how to keep going. They mean something. So bring those uplifting … [Read more...]

DIY Painted Sign Projects

Signs are one of the oldest forms of public art, and they can bring wonder, whimsy, or nostalgia to home decor. And, they are easy to do on a budget, DIY! DIY painted signs projects takes the written word, one of the cheapest decorating tools (paint) and a touch of creative elbow grease to make easy, meaningful and fun home decorating art! So let's get to our first and featured project (above and … [Read more...]

DIY Wall Words

Adding style to an area as large as your walls isn’t always as easy as it sounds! There are so many options in painting, papering, faux finishes and paint treatments it can be hard to know what might be a good choice for your family. Right now a really hot technique is adding quotes, words or sayings to your walls that might be meaningful for those who live there, and it is very easy and … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Decorate with Plates

Plates are a big collectible in home decorating, but you don’t have to have a china hutch full of rare antiques to appreciate the beauty of plates in your home.​ Decorating with plates can save you money, add charm and dimension to your rooms, and allow you to display your favorite pieces as well. Here are 5 great ways to decorate with plates! (Our featured photo above, is by Domestic … [Read more...]

DIY Canvas Photos (On the Cheap!)

If you've been active in the home and garden or DIY blogoshpere as of late, you've probably seen a few of these DIY canvas photo tutorials around. I wanted to do something a little different, a little easier and a little cheaper, so just before Thanksgiving, when I was set to have a bunch of guests (literally, the night before Thanksgiving, thats how easy this was!) I threw this together... And I … [Read more...]