We’re huge fans of the Boho decor trend. Huge. I mean, we all love a good minimal room, but Bohemian design? Plants, texture, global influences… it’s warm, and interesting, and home. Boho wall decor plays a huge part in giving your rooms that cool chic vibe that is splashed across Insta and Pinterest accounts, and magazine spreads.

You can make your own Boho wall art, and save tons of money. But more importantly, DIY’ing your wall decor is at the heart of the personal nature of the Bohemian style.

Add a bit of yourself to your rooms, and make it all about what is important to you. Eclectic, random and chic all at the same time. So let’s make some Boho wall decor!



Boho Wall Decor with Yarn

DIY Frame Yarn Wall Hanging

Oh my. These boho macrame wall hangings are made from simple picture frames! You can find out just how to make this gorgeous boho wall decor over at ‘A Kailo Chic Life‘, one of our fav bloggers. Everything you will find there is full of color and fun and funk… just perfect for Bohemian chic style!


Easy Yarn & Dowel Project

This DIY yarn wall hanging from ‘Have a Cuppa Jo‘ doesn’t get much simpler. You just need yarn, and a wood dowel. Plus, this easy to follow video.


Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

So, by their own admission, this next yarn wall hanging is stupid easy. And larger, so perfect to fill up some bigger wall real estate. Jump on over to ‘Designing Vibes‘, and find out just how easy this is! You could use this in a hallway, or as perfect boho bedroom decor. Or, anywhere, for that matter!


Combed Macrame and Colored Thread

If you have a narrow space that’s begging for a stunning piece of Boho wall decor, then this is the idea for you! From ‘Cuckoo 4 Design‘, this is a yarn hanging made from combed macrame yarn and colored thread. So. Freakin’. Pretty. We all have those awkward little walls that need something, right? Problem solved.


Rainbow Wall Decor

This boho wall decor is perfect for someone who wants something cute and fun! From ‘Oh How Charming‘, all this yarn wall hanging takes is rope, yarn and a hot glue gun. Add a little boho chic style to a nursery or kids room!


DIY Boho Wall Art

Boho Basket Wall Decor

Lolly Jane‘ has the perfect idea for anyone lookin for boho basket wall decor. And, it saves a ton of money! Use wicker plate holders, like the kind you use for paper plates? You can find them at thrift stores and dollar shops. Mix and match different styles and colors, then hang on the wall with small finishing nails. Done!


Boho Floor Mirror

Mama Needs a Project‘ created this DIY boho floor mirror using a mudcloth pattern and her easy plans to build the wood mirror. The plans are free to download and show you everything you need to know to recreate this custom look mirror. So much better than those cheap dorm style ones you find at the discount stores! I’d love to put this on a floor stand and let it take focal point in the corner of the bedroom. They used a woodburning tool to make the pattern on the wood, but you could use a paint pen, brush or even a marker as well.


Boho Wall Mirror

This pretty floral DIY boho wall mirror from ‘OhOhDeco‘ is made from cardboard and brown paper. That’s it, my friends! Oh, yea, and of course the mirror. Super simple boho wall decor craft to make on a Saturday afternoon. Or, whenever! Step by step instructions and photos to walk you through this very boho chic idea.


Check out this wall mirror from ‘Hunker‘, by Sara Albers of Alice + Lois. Made from a round mirror, a wood craft circle and colored yarn, this is a super easy boho wall decor idea that literally, anyone can do. Step by step photos.


Boho Wall Shelf Decor

Funky, fun, and practical too, we love this bright and happy DIY rope shelf from ‘A Piece of Rainbow‘. All you need are a few supplies and a drill to make this easy DIY boho wall shelf. You could make this as colorful or as neutral as you wanted. We happen to love how they embraced the Bohemian vibe!


Boho Painting Ideas

When it comes to bohemian wall decor, one of the easiest ways to bring that style into your room is with paint. These Boho painting ideas are fast, cheap and anyone can do them!

How to Paint Wall Arches

These boho chic painted wall arches make this bedroom. Can you imagine anything in this room looking this amazing, without the arches? You can do this in an hour. Use the arches to frame a shelving unit, nightstand, even a bed! Jump on over to ‘Fall for DIY‘ to find out how to paint these, the easy way!


DIY Color Block Wall

A Kailo Chic Life‘ has a ton of Boho crafts perfect for this style, but we are in love with her accent wall. While this post is about caning the credenza, (also boho style!) she mentions in the comments how she painted this boho color block wall. (Spoiler alert : Tape, and free handing the curves!)

So make yourself some super easy boho wall decor & art! Then, make some more! We think you will also love our post on our DIY Macrame Plant Hangers,  Boho Bedroom reveal, and Romantic Bedroom Ideas. Also check out our Modern Boho Chic Home Reveal and 13 Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas over at OhMeOhMy!


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