I’m a big fan of nature and natural decor in my home, it’s just something I really connect with. I also really love birds, although in particular, songbirds. So it recently occurred to me that bringing feathers in to my home decorating might be a no-brainer, and add some softness. And as much as I love moss, and plants, and stones… feathers might add a little more than the typical moss spheres or houseplant in the way of natural ambiance, don’t you think? And let’s face it, when I see photos of these gorgeous decorating vignettes, and there is a couple of sweet feathers tucked into the mix… it just makes me feel all “nesty”. Yes, pun intended. :) So whether you are looking for a fall or winter decorating idea, or just want to bring more nature indoors, let’s learn how to “feather your nest” with these great DIY projects and inspirational rooms using feathers to decorate! Our feature photo below, is from Heather at ‘Setting for Four‘ from her glam sparkle and shine mantel decor… go check out her pretty mantel ideas!

Pheasant feather fall decor idea Setting for Four_thumb[1]



Ok, Laura at ‘A Beautiful Mess’ nailed this project… This DIY feather pendant light is amazing, and really, really easy! No, she did not glue on each individual feather in a 40 hour torture session… You have to see how easy and inexpensive this was. And I love it with the mid-century table and chairs and the dark walls… Love!



From Summer at ‘Simple Stylings’, this gold tipped feather garland is a really refined touch, but also has that bit of a rustic look… She used gold spray paint and inexpensive feathers for a budget friendly project! Lot’s of photos in her step by step tutorial.



Want to get a little fancier with your feathers? From ‘Bliss at Home’, these DIY gold leaf feathers are a bit more intricate, and use a paintbrush and gold leaf paint. Easy!



MariAnne from ‘Songbird Blog’ has a tutorial for her DIY African feather Juju hat… and it makes an incredible piece of wall art. I seriously may make one of these to hang next to my large industrial wall letter… Such a cool project for any style home. I also liked how she made a few with natural and brown feathers, so be sure to go check out all her work and how she did it. She even tells you where to get all the feathers inexpensively!



I love inspirational sayings and romantic gestures… this project has both! By ‘Country Living‘, make a feather bouquet by rubber stamping on broad, white feathers a sweet saying, or make your words match the season…



Don’t want to use real feathers? Whether you have allergies or a roving cat that might make your new creation lunch… Lucy from ‘Craftberry Bush’ has a solution… her DIY paper feathers! We LOVE her blog, (just look at that mantel styling!) make sure you visit and spend some time there, she has amazing projects and ideas!



Ok, so now that we have some great DIY projects down, I also wanted to share with you how some great bloggers are using feathers to decorate their rooms. Be inspired!

From Melanie at ‘The Painted Chandelier‘…



From ‘52 Flea‘…

Feather Your Nest


From Myra at ‘My Blessed Life‘…



From Beth at ‘Home Stories A to Z‘… notice there are only a few feathers there mixed with dried twigs and natural filler… A budget saver!



Last, we have this from Susan from ‘Must Love Junk‘! Feather your nest!



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  1. Preston Davis October 13, 2014 at 11:59 am

    I really love those gold painted, white feathers…wow!!


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