We all love having unique home accents in our homes, but sometimes that can be expensive. Terrarium planters are very trendy now, and in looking for something out of the ordinary I came across West Elm’s Shane Powers Fishbowl planters and vases… Loved the contemporary look with the traditional overtones, but wasn’t crazy about how the price would affect my pocketbook. Here are step by step instructions for creating your own “West Elm Planters” for less than two bucks! Below West Elm’s version. (Which originally retailed for more than $30!) I’m lovin’ TBD’s $2 DIY version myself!


West Elm Planters – West Elm’s Version

Shane Powers Fish bowl Planter



How to Make Your Own DIY West Elm Planter Look Alike


  • Bowl style vase from the dollar store
  • Glass candlestick base, also dollar store
  • E6000 or similar adhesive, (recommended) or glue gun
  • Marking pen

If you plan on making the vases into terrariums, you will also need:

  • Potting soil
  • Gravel or pebbles
  • Plant material
  • Decorative moss or rocks


Step One:

Place the fishbowl on top of the candle base, centering as desired. Using a marking pen, trace the candlestick outline onto the inside of the fishbowl. This will tell you where to place the bowl onto the base once the glue is applied, in order to get it centered.



Step Two:

Apply glue just inside the marker line on the bottom of the fishbowl. Apply to the candle base, matching the marker line to the outline of the base. If using E6000, apply glue to both surfaces, wait two minutes, then press the two together. Allow to set until glue is firm.





Step Three:

If you are going to use the west elm planters as vases, they are ready to use once the glue has set. If you would like to plant them as a terrarium, line the bottom of the planter with pebbles to allow drainage for the plant.



Add soil and plant, using the back end of a wooden spoon to gently tamp down soil around the plant. Blow excess soil off the leaves. Add decorative pebbles, moss or stones.



Use a squirt bottle to add moisture to the terrarium, then gently wipe the inside of the glass dry with a folded paper towel.



If you are planting using a sedum or a cactus, you will need to add water only when the soil gets dry. Tropical houseplants will appreciate frequent misting with a squirt bottle.



Make a West Elm Planter look alike for $2!


Enjoy your DIY West Elm Planter look alike for two bucks! Check out our Crate & Barrel Spin Vase Knock Off too! You also might be interested in our post on the 10 Best Low Light Indoor Plants To GrowHow To Water & Care for Air Plants and How To Grow Orchids Indoors and Chinese Money Plant Care on our sister site The Garden Glove!

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  1. Tania May 19, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    This is great thanks for sharing.
    This is my new project in the weekend.
    They look fabulous.

  2. Frances June 7, 2018 at 10:30 am

    When I go to dollars tree stores there’s nothing fix everything is a mess it needs staff to organize the store I love the store but needs a lot of help organizing but I will continue going there


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