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If you have a boring builders kitchen backsplash you would like to update, but are decorating on a budget, here are some great ideas to create a one of a kind custom look for your kitchen with a DIY budget backsplash! Our featured project, above, is from DIY Network and uses maps for a backsplash.

Use cast off or leftover tiles to make a mosaic backsplash for your kitchen or bath. Break tiles into smaller pieces, and attach to the backsplash area on whatever pattern you choose with a silicone caulk. Grout and seal the backsplash as you would any ordinary tile job. If your leftover tiles are not the right color, prime, paint and seal them before you grout. Some tile shops will let you have their broken stock for free…call and speak to the manager and ask. Or use Sawdust and Embryos great tutorial for their mason jar mosaic backsplash! This looks like a custom tile job, and you have to love that color!

Mosaic backsplash


Use decorative plates from your own cupboard, yard sales, or even your dollar shop to create cottage style backsplash decor. Plates are easily washed, add style and color, and can be hung in just a few minutes. Photo from ‘Houzz‘.



Paint a simple mural in your backsplash area, then seal well with polyurethane to protect it from damage. If you don’t have the skills to paint, use stencils or stamps to create a picture that fits with your home decor. This backsplash is a stencil from Royal Design Studio, done by ‘Home Stories A to Z‘.



Buy a sheet of beadboard from your home improvement store, and then cut to fit into the backsplash space. Secure with small nails and paint or seal as desired. Get a custom backsplash look for a few dollars. The Liz Marie Blog has a great step by step on installing a beadboard backsplash.



Paint tiles with sponges or tape off tiles with ¼ inch masking tape, and sponge or rag on watered down latex paint for a stone tile look. Seal with poly to protect. Get a step by step on how to paint a faux tile backsplash at DIY Network.


A little time and a little creativity can transform your backsplash decor into a budget decorating triumph! Create a custom kitchen look for just a few dollars.

Image Credits: DIY Network, Sawdust and Embryos, Houzz, Home Stories A to Z, DIY Network




  1. These are all such great ideas with unique qualities! I’m assuming the map idea above has a protective coating to prevent water damage, so in the same way, you could also use left over decorative scrapbook paper!

  2. Elizabeth Aldam says:

    Great ideas,thank you so much!Regards,Elizabeth Aldam.

  3. I took a square of floral foam and made it a stamp to checkerboard a backsplash. Looks great!

  4. Vicki newsom says:

    I need ideas to redo my formica kitchen countertops

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