Your laundry room might not be your favorite place to hang out, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful! Our laundry rooms are often neglected when we’re thinking about our next home project. However, a few quick upgrades to your laundry room decor can make a world of difference, especially to smaller laundry rooms where maximizing space is a must.

Looking for ideas on how to revamp your laundry room and make the most of the space you have? We’ve put together some amazing tips, ideas, and inspiring examples you can use to give your laundry room a facelift.

collage of laundry room photos

How can I make my laundry room beautiful?

Wondering how to turn your lackluster laundry room into a stunning sanctuary? It’s a lot easier than you might think! Here are our top tips for creating a beautiful laundry room in your home.

Embrace colorful laundry room decor

You might want to keep your whites and your colors separate when it comes to your actual laundry, but for your laundry room, adding some color to your white space can make a huge difference! We love this example from Emily Henderson those muted blue cabinets against the white walls, topped off with the wicker baskets, is gorgeous! Ps- we have lots of ideas on how you can DIY organization baskets with cardboard boxes if you love the idea but don’t want to go buy new decor.

laundry room with blue cabinets


Say yes to laundry room wallpaper

Especially in a small space, a splash of wallpaper can make a huge difference in adding some style to your laundry room. If you need proof, just check out this transformation from Start At Home! A splash of wallpaper and some fun laundry decor completely rejuvenates this room.

laundry room with floral wallpaper


Don’t forget about your laundry room flooring

Sure, your laundry room decor and walls are important, but don’t forget about your flooring! This peel-and-stick tutorial from Centsational Style is a perfect example of how easy it is to re-do your laundry flooring, and it looks amazing! 

laundry room with patterned flooring


What can you put on a laundry wall?

Decorating your laundry walls is one of the easiest, most effective ways to upgrade your laundry room decor. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favorite ways of making the most of your laundry room walls. 

A fresh coat of paint for laundry room walls makes a huge difference

If you don’t have a lot of time or you’re on a tight budget, you can still make a big difference to your laundry room by simply freshening up the walls with a nice new coat of paint. Just look at the difference that fresh, clean walls can make in this laundry from Lauren Koster Creative!

laundry room wall hooks


Use your walls for extra shelving

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that having extra laundry room shelving is never a bad thing! In what’s usually a tight space, turning your walls into extra storage with shelves is a clever way to de-clutter your laundry room. As well as storing laundry supplies on your shelves, you can add cute laundry room decor like plants, photos, or artwork. Look at this gorgeous example from Love of Family and Home!

laundry room with decor shelf


Set the tone with fun laundry room signs 

Another great laundry room decor idea is to add signs to your laundry room. Fun signs are not only decorative, but also give your laundry room a bit of personality. We love this fun example from Peony+Honey!

laundry room with cute wall art


Laundry room ideas with a top-loading washer 

A top-loading washer can be more convenient than a front-loader, especially if you don’t like bending down to put your clothes in. One of the downsides of having a top-loading washer in your laundry room is that it usually means you have less space to play with, as you can’t stack your washer and dryer. 

This isn’t a huge problem, but it does mean you need to be a bit more mindful of how you use your space. Here are some of our favorite laundry room ideas with a top-loading washer. No matter your style, there’s something here you’ll love! 

Farmhouse laundry room with a top-loading washer

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good farmhouse laundry room?! This gorgeous inspo from Artsy Chicks Rule features shelving above the top-loading washer for some extra storage space. 

laundry room with white open shelving and dark cabinets


Cabinets, shelves, and top-loading washers

Who says you can’t have it all! This example from Stacy Risenmay features a top loading washer, shelving, and cabinets, yet somehow it doesn’t feel cluttered at all. Magic! 

laundry room with top loading washers


Laundry room with top loading washer and epic organization

They say you can never be too organized, and that certainly seems to be the case in this gorgeous laundry room makeover from Farmhouse on Boone. Look at those gorgeous open cabinets and adorable baskets! Ps, click here for some more of our favorite organization ideas.

laundry room decorative organization baskets


Decor ideas for a small laundry room

We get it, sometimes your laundry room is tiny, and sometimes it’s even shared with another space, like your kitchen or mudroom. Don’t worry – there are still some great ways you can give even the tiniest laundry room a facelift. Let’s take a look at some fun decor ideas for a small laundry room. 

Best decor idea for a small laundry room – go vertical!

It’s an age old trick – when you don’t have a lot of space, go vertical! In this stunning makeover from Jessica Welling Interiors, everything is vertical and we’re loving how organized this tiny space is!

laundry room with stacked washer and dryer


Small laundry room decor ideas: Think compact

Sometimes, giving your small laundry room a makeover is more like playing a game of tetris. In this beautiful example from Deeply Southern Home, a compact, functional sink is a great use of space, while extra shelving means you’re not missing out on any storage. Two thumbs up!

small laundry room with stacked washer dryer set


Small laundry room ideas: Minimalist laundry decor

Sometimes, the best thing to do with a small space is keep it simple. We’re loving this minimalist design from Farmhouse Living!

laundry nook with stacked washer dryer set


Stylish laundry room organization ideas 

Keeping your laundry room organized can be an ongoing struggle! Luckily, we’ve found some stylish laundry room organization ideas that will keep you feeling cool, calm, and collected every time you enter your laundry room.  

Organize your laundry room with labeled baskets

This is a great idea for anyone with kids, and gets them sorting their laundry from a young age. Houseful of Handmade have got it figured out, and those cabinets add a stunning touch!

laundry room cabinets iwht stylish storage baskets stacked underneath


Laundry room organization idea: Baskets, cabinets, + hooks

This laundry room from I Heart Organizing couldn’t be more structured! Baskets are a great way to keep your laundry supplies organized, while cabinets and hooks keep your towels and cleaning supplies accessible and visible. Plus, look at that gorgeous wallpaper!

organized laundry room with shelving, hooks, and glass cabinet


Elevate your laundry with these laundry room decor ideas!

Hopefully you found some inspiration for your own laundry room in here! We’re sure you’ll come up with something that’s both functional and stunning. Looking for more ideas? Maybe you want to DIY a barn door for your newly updated laundry room? Or perhaps dive deeper into some DIY cabinet ideas, and there’s always our Dollar Tree Organization Hacks if you just want to get organized on a budget!

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