Not very many of us have a huge laundry space…in fact many of us don’t have much more than a glorified closet to accomplish all those chores… But with some creativity and some clever organization you can change your space into something that not only works better for you and your crew, but also is just a little more pleasant to be in. After all, if we have to be stuck washing and drying and folding and sorting, isn’t it a nice idea to do it in a space we love being in? Makes sense to me, I’m all for finding ways to make tasks we would rather avoid more joyful… So I searched the web and found so many good solutions out there! You can take ideas from each one, or just shamelessly copy the ideas of any one of these amazing bloggers and their DIY laundry room makeovers!

From BHG, this laundry room has a central work center with shelves above, and rolling laundry carts below keep everything organized. Love the curtain to hide the clothes clutter, but what really makes this laundry room is the amazing wallpaper. You could do the same thing with a stencil and paint!



We’re already big fans of Kelly at View Along the Way, but this laundry room makeover was so great! And, she did it on a budget! This is probably a similar set up as many of your own laundry rooms, so her makeover offers us some good ideas to steal! And that isn’t wallpaper, she did use a stencil! Make sure you check out her site and find out how she did it.



This laundry room has floating shelves and AMAZING tile that makes this whole space seem like a room you want to be in! A nice light fixture, pretty baskets and a little art on the walls are easy ways to make this laundry room seem luxurious.



If your space is nothing more than a nook, think about using soft fabric instead of doors…Doors take up so much space, whether in the laundry area itself or in the room the doors open into.



At Me and My DIY, Debbie took a great before and after of her laundry room makeover… first, the before… remind you of anybody else’s laundry room?



Now, her after! What a difference, and this is such a creative space! LOVE her drying rack!



This laundry room is tucked into nothing more than a closet… But it’s made into decor by using these great doors! I would love doing laundry here!



This next laundry room redo isn’t exactly a small laundry room space like most of us deal with, but I want you to see how Rhonda at Southern Hospitality created this space for herself out of a utility area (you can see the pipes on the ceiling) and made it efficient, and gorgeous, and she did it with great DIY ingenuity! Definitely click through to see how she pulled this off!



This colorful laundry room from BHG is just fabric and paint! What a fun space! The chandelier is an amazing touch, and I know the ones IKEA carries would be perfect for this!



Sand and Sisal has this DIY budget laundry room makeover that has a coastal design flavor… and I adore this color!



Finally, from Love of Family and Home, this charming laundry room makeover includes a floor cloth (and instructions) and pretty artwork.

Blue & Pink Laundry Room Makeover 004 edited

Image Credits: Lowes, BHG, View Along the Way, BHG, Houzz, Southern Hospitality, BHG, Sand and Sisal, Love of Family and Home

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  1. Jooselyn @ The DIY Spot May 9, 2014 at 6:41 am

    These laundry rooms are all beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for putting this collection together.


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