There is not a spot in our house that is less organized than our closet. It doesn’t seem to matter if you have a walk in closet space, or a tiny little builder closet, you never have enough space for your pretty purses and your fav pair of pumps, right? And is there anything wrong with wanting it to look lovely, while you are at it? We think that isn’t too much too ask! However… basically, to get the look we are all dreaming of, you need to pay big bucks to a have custom closet built. Not on this blog! We tracked down the best bloggers out there, and found for you DIY closet organizer plans that any of us can use to build a custom organizer from scratch! So let’s get to it, pick yourself out the best match for your situation, and dig out the saw and the drill. We’re organizin’!


8 Gorgeous DIY Closet Organizers To Build From Scratch


DIY Closet Organizers


DIY Closet Organizer with Drawers

If what you are looking for is a gorgeous built in that gives you drawers, shelving and jewelry storage… Then this DIY closet organizer from ‘Nick & Alicia’ via ‘Build Something‘ is perfect for you. Throw in the fact that it can be adjusted to fit almost any size closet, and we have a winner!


Kids Room Idea

Got kids? Then you have closet crud. Let’s join together in the fight again “the crud” and check out ‘Houseful of Handmade‘s closet organizer plan perfect for any kids room. Drawers, shorter hanging spaces and even open areas under the drawers for those inevitable skates or skateboards… Find Mom there whenever she needs to make a phone call.. It will be that nice!


Organizer for Basic Build Closet

So… are we done here ladies? Seriously, is this lovely, or what? Then you have to find out how ‘Pink Little Notebook’ via ‘Remodelaholic‘ got this done. Learn how to build a closet organizer that you will never want to leave.


DIY Closet Organizer Ikea Hack

Did you need yet another cool way to use an Ikea Billy bookcase? Well, this DIY closet organizer from ‘Home & Hallow‘ proves you did. Awesome, and pretty easy project for any of you that are afraid to jump into one of these complete custom closet jobs!


Simple DIY Closet Organizer

Need a custom DIY closet organizer you can make in less than 3 hours, for around $70? Then ‘Homemade Modern‘ has got you covered… inside and outside the closet, it turns out. Because you can use this both as a closet organizer, or as a freestanding wardrobe!


Plywood Box System

Making It in the Mountains‘ used a genius “box system” to create a customizable closet that can be changed by simply changing out the box, or simply changing how it sits in the organizer. Oh, and the wallpaper? Game on, readers. Game on.


Small Closet Organizer

If you have a tiny sliding closet like we do in our condo, then you want to squeeze every last inch of storage out of it. Enter, the DIY closet organizer from ‘Fix This, Build That‘. Follow along all their step by step directions for turning this too small closet into a super organized space. And, it has drawers! Built in dresser!


Custom DIY Closet

So we’re going to end with this gorge DIY closet organizer from ‘Pinspired To DIY‘… Not much more to be said, right? Go check out their complete tutorial!

8 Gorgeous DIY Closet Organizers To Build From Scratch


So if you ever wanted a gorgeous custom DIY closet organizer, today is your lucky day! Speaking of organizing,
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Image Credits: Pink Little Notebook, Build Something, Houseful of Handmade, Home & Hallow, Homemade Modern, Making It in the Mountains, Fix This, Build That, Pinspired To DIY
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