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Love getting something expensive for almost nothing? Who doesn’t! These clever and creative DIY home hacks will help you decorate and care for your home, without spending money on lots of products…Make your home a more enjoyable place – take short cuts with home hacks!

Our feature home hack, above, is from ‘Amazon’… use 3M Command hooks to hang curtain rods. This is especially useful if you are using thrift store rods that don’t come with hardware, or rods that aren’t really “rods”…

From ‘BHG‘, use riibbon to tie on a shower curtain, instead of those boring rings!



From ‘Your Little Birdie“, use a drink dispenser for laundry detergent! This makes lifting this Costco sized detergent bottles a non issue! Oh, and it’s pretty!



Do your kitchen bouquets fall over after day one? Use drinking straws to stabilize the base, from ‘Good Housekeeping‘.



From ‘Somewhat Simple‘, use toothpaste to mark the spot for the nail when hanging pictures… Genius!



From ‘Poppytalk‘, use embroidery thread to create your own personal welcome message in your screen door! Charming!



Use caulk to create a non slip rug, without the expense of buying a rug pad! From ‘Martha‘…



From ‘Fluff‘, use ice cubes to remove those annoying furniture dents from carpet… Let them melt, and then vacuum or gently lift the fibers with a spoon.



From ‘Two Peas in a Bucket’, which sadly, is no longer around, comes this idea to paint faux windows on your garage door! Great way to upgrade the look for pennies! Luckily for us, the photos are self explanatory…



From ‘Liz Marie’, frame in your boring builder bathroom mirror with these easy directions!



Do you have any great DIY home hacks? Share in comments!

Image Credits: Martha, Amazon, BHG, Your Little Birdie, Good Housekeeping, Somewhat Simple, Poppytalk, Fluff, Two Peas in a Bucket, Liz Marie Blog




  1. I really love the faux window idea on the garage door, I have the same door and have been thinking of a way to dress it up. Do you have an idea what paint they used to give the impression of glass? It seems like shiny black or dk blue but has a reflective look to it. Thanks.

    • I’d also like to know the same thing. My husband thinks it won’t look good in person, but my thought it that we’ll do it when we’re already reprinting the garage door anyway & we can paint over it, if it doesn’t look good.

    • I did a little research….
      Rustoluem black gloss spray paint – found at Home Depot or Lowes

      It’s winter here in the northeast, but can’t wait to do this in the spring!!

    • Appaljack says:


    • Appaljack says:

      You could use automotive metallic spray paint close to Ford Blue as well as the special reflective mirror coats in most any Walmart ot Lowe’s/Home Depot.

    • I did this to my garage door and it looked awesome! I just bought outdoor paint that had a gloss to it. I used a tiny roller to paint it on. You may need to clean up some of the lines with white paint after removing the tape, but that is no big deal. I would think spray paint would be hard to use.

  2. Love the idea of the ice cubes so simple and easy. Thanks

  3. I especially like the ribbon to hang the shower curtain, sweet…the straws for the cut flowers, ingenious, and the liquid detergent in the drink dispenser, brilliant!

    • Andrea says:

      I worry about the laundry detergent in a drink dispenser around kids. That can be very dangerous

  4. Patricia Callahan says:

    You could get really creative with that screen embroidery, it’d be just like cross-stitch!

  5. In the before and after picture of the bathroom mirror remake the door is completely different. In the first photo it’s just a single door, in the second photo it’s a double door.

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      I think if you look closely, you will see its just the perspective change when the angle of the camera changed. There is a line in the middle in the first picture too, its just hard to notice. It is the same bathroom in both pics.

    • The items in the baskets (In the mirror image) are different as well. I do believe it is the same bathroom though.

  6. Nice ideas. I liked it.

  7. Love love

  8. These ideas are awesome! Love the ice cube one especially!

  9. Use car wax on conters in the bathroom and kicten the next time you get done cleaning them. So when you have to clean them again you dont have to work so hard and no stains. And everything shines.

  10. I’m wondering about the using caulk to make a nonslip rug. I have a rug in my bedroom that keeps getting bunched up. I’ve tried pads they don’t work. My problem is its on carpet & I don’t know what to do!!! I’m thinking using caulk might not be good using it on carpet. Can it be used on carpet?? If not any recommendations?

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      You would want to use silicon caulk… it sets up to look just like rubber, not that crumbly type of caulk. They do make rug to rug pads though! They have a felted side which helps… Good luck!

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