DIY Money Saving Home Repairs


Want to know a quick way to eat up your decorating budget? Paying for home repairs! Nothing will make your “Restoration Hardware” dreams go up in smoke faster than a plumbers bill… So we have pulled together some easy tutorials for money saving home repairs that will keep your wallet happy, and maybe give you just a little more confidence to tackle some bigger projects next! Our featured project, above, is from ‘DIY Network’. Learn how to repair wood floor.

Got scratches in your wood work? Doors, tables, and chairs all get marks from use. ‘This Old House’ shows you a quick way to camouflage scratches in wood.



From ‘Kathe with an E‘, another quick fix, this time battery replacement for those solar pathway lights that have gone out. (Editors note: If this fix doesn’t work, try cleaning the top of the solar panel, then coating it with clear nail polish. We hear it works!)



Fix popped drywall nails with this tutorial from ‘Family Handyman’. I have these just starting to show up in my 3 year old home… glad to hear they can be fixed!



From ‘Bob Vila’, the complete, illustrated guide to unclogging a drain! Covers  sinks and toilets…



On ‘DIY Advice’, how to repair holes in drywall. This is a must learn, one miss with a hammer trying to set a nail, and you are gonna need this!



Learn how to fix a leaky sink faucet from ‘Family Handyman’.



Kids gone through the window screen? Repair a torn window screen, from ‘Real Simple’… quick, easy and cheap!



Learn how to repair a damaged spot of carpet. Perfect for teenagers and dogs. Oh, and wine spills. Burns from that candle you dropped. Nail polish. Sorry, reminiscing.



Last, from ‘Addicted 2 Decorating’, learn how to paint a bathtub. Yep, you can transform that ugly thing! Not really a repair, I know… but it will save you a whole lotta money to transform, and not replace!

Addicted 2 Decorating

Image Credits: DIY Network, This Old House, Kathe with an E, Family Handyman, Lowes, DIY Advice, Family Handyman, Real Simple, Family Handyman, Addicted 2 Decorating




  1. Sharon Huling says:

    What a great post. I’ve been glaring at my ugly tub & wondering how much those sleeve type things cost…too much. Thanks for super instructions. Can’t wait to have a pretty white tub again.

  2. I’ve been fixing up my parents home for them and have been procrastinating starting on the bathrooms, since a friend had told me what was involved in removing and replacing a bathtub! Thanks so much for this! You have saved me so much time and effort, and you saved my parents a lot of money!

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