DIY Restoration Hardware Hacks! (part 2)

DIY Restoration Hardware Hacks (part two!)

We love knock off decorating… let’s face it, what better way to get a high end look while on a low end budget? RH is almost like holy ground in the DIY world… we all want that industrial, rustic look that somehow they manage to make look amazingly upscale. Don’t love Restoration Hardware? Stand up and say so now!  (Sit down, no one can hear you because of all the shouts of joy that we’re doing a RH hack post!) So in case you missed all the fabulous projects in part one, here are the first Restoration hardware hacks that we featured a few weeks ago… Now on to part two of Restoration Hardware Knock Offs!

Our featured photo, above…From Laura at ‘Bless’er House’ this DIY Restoration Hardware rope chandelier was made for less than $20 out of hula hoops and a glue gun! Genius!


Ok, so if you have ever been in a RH store, you might have seen their amazing antique looking map art on the walls… and you might have seen the equally amazing price tag of over $1700 bucks! ‘From G2B’ created a DIY RH decoupage map knock off for only $28 and show you exactly how to do this! Paris, anyone?

decoupage map= vintage light, globe


‘Simplicity in the South’ shows us how to make an RH inspired industrial metal cage pendant light. This looks just like a signature RH product, and it cost her less than $40 to make, and it retails for $130 at RH…



From Teryn at ‘Fancy Yanceys’ this DIY crystal orb chandelier cost her less than $100 to make, and retails for over $2700 at RH… Good instructions for making your own!



From ‘My Sweet Savannah’, this RH french tower clock knock off would retail for over $1100, and she made her version for $47… I’d call that budget decorating!



From ‘Twigg Studios” these DIY faux fishing weights inspired by Restoration Hardware look amazingly like the original version… and they are made out of clay and some simple dollar store balls. These are really cool accessories to place in a vignetter in any living area, it doesn’t have to be nautical inspired to work!



Last we have this DIY Restoration Hardware coffee table knock off tutorial by ‘The Bungalow’… This may be the exact type of coffee table I have been looking for! Love!


Image Credits: Bless'er House, From G2B, Simplicity in the South, Fancy Yanceys, My Sweet Savannah, Twigg Studios, The Bungalow




  1. Preston Davis says:

    That top rope chandelier looks awesome, wow!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I’d LOVE to see MORE Ideas….These are wonderful !

  3. thanks for sharing these. Really like all of them.

  4. These are so great! Here’s another one if you ever decide to do “Restoration Hardware Hacks Part 2!”

  5. I love all the infor from this site & a great place to start using pinterest for beginners to start their own info highway ! lol love all your things !

  6. Laurie Smith says:

    Id love to find Restoration Hardware ‘s cloud sectional sofa for less. I cant afford $8k but man its the most comfortable sofa in the world. Anyone help me with this?

    • Laurie, I’m in the search for the same sofa.
      LMK if you come across anything for less than the 6-8K price tag. ♡

  7. I’m obsessed with the wooden chandeliers but I cannot justify paying over $600 for them. I am a do-it-yourselfer and have been looking around for materials to make one but am not having any luck. Any ideas?

    • Not sure exactly what you mean by wooden chandelier but if you are referring to the irb style you can use wood veneer (not preglued). Cut it into strips and use hot glue to make the circles. I have a picture of some I made but can’t add it on here.

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