Vintage Style Decorating – How to

Vintage Style Decorating – How to - 21

Vintage style decorating uses items from the past to create a warm, nostalgic look. Today’s vintage style is not just a country look, with antiques and chintz fabric. Vintage style is now combined with more modern choices for a take that is fresh, yet full of the charm and history from the past.  Here are great ideas and inspiration for how to create vintage style in your home decor.

This living room from BHG is full of aged furniture and vintage fabrics, but brings the look up to date by adding more modern dining chairs and pendant light. Love the vibrant red in this room.

Vintage style decorating


This kitchen uses vintage style rustic tables and crates on rollers as counter space, with totally modern sink, faucet and light fixture,



This room is minimalist and vintage all at once, with its digressed antique chest and modern glass art… Love the fresh white to keep it airy!



For you vintage traditionalists, here are some great examples of rooms that take you back in time. You can recreate this look with thrift store finds painted with distressed finishes, displaying collections, using romantic fabrics, and lots of white. And a chandelier or two wouldn’t hurt! Accessories are key. Try making a weekly trip to your local antique shops for inexpensive vintage accents such as skeleton keys, old postcards and reminders of the past.

Vintage Style Decorating - How to




Finally, for you retro vintage lovers…


So try out vintage style decorating…it’s a great fit for DIY and budget decorators… Paint (and thrift stores) are your friend!

Image Credits: BHG, 79 Ideas, BHG, Lonny, hviturlakkris, Tumblr, My N Things


  1. Hi! Great post, full of all the essentials to establish a style & build on it.

  2. Love these. Very beautiful. I found you on Pinterest.
    The Adored Home

    • I’m from Spain and I also find this blog on Pinterest!! And ” Paint (and thrift stores) are your friend!” made me laught because I have always thought that too :D

  3. I especially love the kitchen. Functional, fun, unpretentious as well as the glam White cab with the glass pieces. All about the scale.

    I live in the DC area and it is so refreshing to see people embrace gracious living without cookie cutter over priced solutions (my bias, of course).



  4. Thanks for posting. I love the distressed furniture paired with the chandeliers. And the harlequin table top is amazing!

  5. So lovely.

  6. I love shopping at antique stores and thrift shops. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jan Jones says:

    This is the best vintage decorating site I have found. I recently discovered Pinterest and am on it every day now. (It has taken the place of reading a bedtime book.) I never subscribe to things but did so with your site. Great photos, but the comments and organization are everything. I have seen some of the photos on other sites, but the written content was do-so. Great work!

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