Your entryway is the first impression visitors have of your home, and it should not only reflect your personality, but set the stage for the rest of your home. It affects your curb appeal from the exterior, and is one of the most important pass through spaces in your house. And lets face it, its probably low on your list of rooms to makeover, right? Yep, most pass through spaces are. But just because you don’t dine in your entry, or watch Downton reruns, or sleep there doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve your attention. After all, why should a visitor even wonder about the rest of your home, if the entry is outdated and drab? No worries, we found 10 chic & stylish entryway makeovers that will amp up the curb appeal and polish that interior space!


10 Chic & Stylish Entryway Makeovers


How to Makeover an Entry

First, a couple of primers on how to transform a small entry into a stylish space! From ‘CB2‘.


Need help getting started? Read 4 tips for an entryway makeover from ‘Oh Happy Day‘!


DIY Entryway Makeovers

A Beautiful Mess‘ sure knows how to do a makeover, right? The difference here is amazing! Its so fresh and updated! We absolutely love this makeover! And if you want more door ideas for the exterior of your home,  jump on over to our post on Fresh & Colorful Front Door Decor & Design Ideas over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy!


Colleen from ‘Lemon Thistle‘ did a split level entryway makeover that is ah – mazing. The first photo is the before, but the afters you are gonna love. Now, we are big lovers of Mid Century Modern design and she definitely didn’t stick to that. But we are also big fans of designing with the style you love in your home, and we’re thinking a whole lot of readers are gonna love this!


Lauren at ‘Bless’er House‘ has a modern farmhouse entryway makeover for you that just makes you want to come in and stay awhile, right? This isn’t just a pretty before and after, she also had a DIY tutorial for both the shiplap wall, and that DIY botanical art over her sideboard! Be sure to check them out, they make this entry.


This entryway makeover is from Eden at ‘Sugar & Charm‘. How can you not fall in love with this modern rustic room? That Dutch door?!! Swooning!



If you don’t have a lot of space to make-over, or maybe you don’t have a dedicated entry at all, try this. Jump on over and visit Sarah at ‘Little Vintage Nest‘ and check out her quick front entryway makeover. She did this for less than $50!


The board and batten wall in this one from Jamie at ‘Southern Revivals‘ is something everyone could do in their home to make it look high end. This entry is still bright and airy, but with so much style. You have to jump over and see the entire space before, and how it turned out! Love these entryway makeovers!


Here is another board and batten entryway makeover that makes organizing your family a breeze, from ‘Paper Daisy Design‘. Great step by step tutorial.


Our last photos are from ‘Nate Berkus‘. This couple’s entryway makeover made their space more sophisticated and polished.

Did you enjoy this post? You might love our post, DIY entryway projects with lots of ways to organize the space, especially for families with kids!

Image Credits: A Beautiful Mess, CB2, Oh Happy Day, Lemon Thistle, Bless'er House, Sugar & Charm, Little Vintage Nest, Southern Revivals, Paper Daisy Design, Nate Berkus



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    Lovely decor idea!! I was looking for some fresh design inspirations, and I think these design ideas will be perfect..Thank you so much Nina for sharing this post …Feeling Inspired!


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