Decorating for Halloween only comes after Christmas in terms of time, effort and expense. But it doesn’t have to be just pricey buys from the Halloween store! With a little effort (which is half the fun, after all!) you can create DIY Halloween decorating ideas and projects yourself. Spooky and ghoulish, or fun and family friendly, we found you tutorials and projects for them all!




Our first project is a a quick and thrifty Halloween mantel from ‘The Happy Housie’. We love the pops of yellow in this black and white themed mantel, and the styling is perfect! And, she has tutorials for all these great Halloween decorating ideas that cost almost nothing to put together. (Diggin’ on the spell book project!)


This DIY Halloween candy door hanger is from ‘Cherished Bliss’. This is meant more for a party than for Halloween night, but you could use it the whole month of October to welcome guests! Easy tutorials, lots of photos.


This “catch a spider” light up mason jar project from ‘Mom Dot‘ is a spooky nightlight or porch lantern for this Halloween. Project uses  LED flameless tea lights, so its safe, too!


Speaking of mason jars, these DIY Halloween mason jar lanterns from ‘Penny Pinchin Mom’ were the inspiration for our DIY Christmas mason jar luminaries! Fun project for any holiday!


Love, love, LOVE this Halloween pumpkin arch tutorial from ‘Don Morin’. This project uses a little rebar for stability, some pvc pipe, and artificial pumpkins fond on sale at craft stores. This. Is. Amazing!


The next project is so cool, and not very expensive to make! These Halloween garage door silhouettes are made from basic plywood and a dremel tool or jigsaw. They point out that this project’s lights actually accentuate the project even during the day, then gradually look spookier and spookier as night falls and the lights intensify their look. I also like how they are quick to point out that you don’t have to be too perfect cutting out this project, as Halloween projects look better with jagged edges! Perfect for beginners! From ‘Instructables’.


Try this (icky) mouse motel from ‘Martha‘. Enough to give you the creeps without giving little ones nightmares for weeks!


Need some spider action? Try these cheap and easy trash bag spider webs from ‘Fast Forward Fun’. They even have a how-to video to creating these simple DIY Halloween decorating ideas!


These floating ghost heads are not only easy to make, they will creep you out more than the average ghost! The formed faces (read how they did that!) really make a difference in the spook factor. From ‘Simply Designing‘.


From ‘Wholesale Halloween Costumes’, make this DIY masking tape hand prop for next to nothing! This would go great in a Halloween cemetery, don’t you think? Jump on over to our post on how to make a Halloween graveyard to do your own!


This DIY mummy door from ‘East Coast Creative’ is so fun because you can make it friendly or scary, depending on the level of “fright” you are looking for. Just change the look of the eyes!


Want to add a touch of Halloween fun in a room? Make this Halloween vignette (or one like it!) with this tutorial from ‘Live Laugh Rowe‘. She even has a DIY candy corn pom pom tutorial for you there!


Make ghostly draperies with this tutorial from ‘HGTV‘. These are great for a porch or entryway.


This project takes a swing at the black & white theme that is so popular around this holiday, then tosses a splash of gold at it! Eye catching but subtle, spooky yet not “scary”, a great Halloween decorating idea that can be used year after year. From ‘She’s Crafty‘.


Lastly, don’t forget to look up when planning ghoulish decor for the Halloween holiday. This spooky bat chandelier from ‘A Diamond in the Stuff’ is easy to make with foam bats and needlework hoops. The taller your ceiling, the bigger you could make this!

Great Halloween decorating ideas and projects! Make enough of any of these and you can turn your home into a haunted house without the huge price tag. (Don’t forget to pack them away for next year!) Love this post? Don’t forget to check out our DIY Halloween graveyard for all the great tutorials there!

Image Credits: Mom Dot, The Happy Housie, Cherished Bliss, Penny Pinchin Mom, Don Morin, Instructables, Martha, Fast Forward Fun, Simply Designing, Wholesale Halloween Costumes, East Coast Creative, Live Laugh Rowe, HGTV, She's Crafty, A Diamond in the Stuff





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  1. Misty September 11, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Terri October 4, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    I love the giant spider! However, I was unable to find any instructions. I used to really be “into” Pinterest, but when I found I craft I really loved, I could very rarely find the instructions to re-create the craft. This is one thing I just do not understand about this site, and perhaps I am missing something….is the main purpose to show off your creations? I simply don’t understand why the directions are just not available. So, what exactly is the point? I’ve found several projects I’d really like to try and I will endeavor to muddle through on my own. If I do come up with something, I would love to share it with other people. When I signed up for Pinterest years ago, I thought this was the whole idea behind it. I just don’t get it….

    1. Kathy Woodard October 19, 2016 at 3:22 pm

      Hi Terri! There is a link there in the write up about the giant spider that originally went to the tutorial, but I just went and checked, and it seems that blog no longer exists. We will try to find a replacement project as soon as we can, sorry for the inconvenience! We do try to include tutorial with all of our projects when possible!

  3. The Furnshop September 21, 2017 at 6:16 am

    This is such an amazing post. I just love all these Halloween decoration ideas. Thanks for sharing this post.


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