Love Halloween? Call it a Halloween graveyard, cemetery or yard haunt… any way you look at it, it is the scariest Halloween house on the block! Creating a Halloween graveyard in your front yard lets you share your fun and freaky side with your neighbors. Halloween is supposed to be a entertaining “holiday”, not one to be taken seriously. A time when we can poke fun at our deepest fears and be a little mischievous.  Don’t we all need a little more tomfoolery in our lives? So this year, join in the fun, break out the creative kid inside, and learn to make a DIY Halloween graveyard! We found some amazing families DIY’ing Halloween props and scenes that will blow your Jack O’Lantern display from last year out of the water. Bring it on, Halloween lovers!



DIY Halloween Graveyard Ideas

Halloween Fence and Pillars

From ‘Instructables‘, make this Halloween cemetery archway with plywood, foam board and lighting to create a spooky entrance to your graveyard. Step by step instructions and even a video of the finished project!


Also from ‘Instructables‘, these cemetery entry pillars are made from foam… But he has a great tip on how to keep the wind from taking these away! Loving the red handprints and dollar store skeletons. Good tutorial with easy to follow photos.


Need an easy and cheap Halloween graveyard fence? Go on over to ‘Ehow’ and find out how they did it with PVC pipe and 1×4’s.



Halloween Tombstones

No Halloween graveyard is complete without tombstones! Try these DIY Halloween tombstones from ‘Ryobi’ and Jenna at ‘House of Wood‘. These have a base to keep them upright as well.


Make this version of a Halloween tombstone from foam insulation sheets with this tutorial from ‘Instructables‘.


These awesome DIY tombstones are from ‘Sawdust Girl‘. She made these just using scrap wood and paint. She even shows you how to transfer the words onto the “stone” so you can paint it!


DIY Halloween Props

Halloween Coffins and Mausoleums

A little macabre? Perfect for Halloween is this DIY Halloween coffin made from pallet wood, from ‘Instructables‘. Full tutorial on making this money saving project. Pay attention to the lighting, it’s key for the creepy look!


This is an amazing DIY Halloween prop. Its a mausoleum! From ‘Raven Manor‘. This tutorial is complete with framing plans!


Halloween Creatures

What graveyard or cemetery is complete without inhabitants? This graveyard ghost from ‘Martha‘ is a pretty simple project, but makes a big impact in your yard haunt. Easy to find and inexpensive supplies.


Ok, so I have a thing for skeletons, especially when placed in funny or unexpected scenes for Halloween. While these skeletons themselves aren’t DIY, the scene idea is! Photo by  ‘The Martha Project‘.


Want to know how to pose skeletons into these scenes? Go check out the DIY skeleton lawn decor from ‘Helpful Homemade‘. Love this gravedigger!


From ‘Halloween Forum‘, this forum user had one amazing Halloween haunt! This is a great example of what you can do with skeletons and the posing technique to create spooky scenes. Remember, lighting is key!


So maybe you only see the hands from this zombie pit, but you sure know they are there! This photo was found on Pinterest and doesn’t seem to have an existing source. We did find an almost identical project video tutorial at ‘YouTube‘.


That should get you started making an amazingly spooky Halloween graveyard! If you enjoyed this post, you will love our post on DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas or Fall Decorating : 10 Way to Make Your Home Fall Cozy! Also jump on over to our sister site OhMeOhMy and check out more creative DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas and our post on Instagram Worthy Painted Pumpkins! Now get ready for the next season with these DIY Reindeer Christmas Decorations and Awesome DIY Christmas Yard Decorations over at TGG!

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