There is so much more to winter decor than Christmas Decorations. The right winter decor additions make your home feel warm, inviting, and cozy and can help to bring some natural elements inside when you’re spending less time outdoors. Decorating your home to prepare for the winter is a wonderful way to embrace the season, and if you don’t know where to start, we’ve curated a list of our favorite winter decor ideas to help you make your home a cozy winter sanctuary.


Pick cozy textures in your winter decor additions

If you delight in cuddling up on the sofa when it’s cold out, textures go a long way to create a cozy feel in your winter home decor. You can pick a material that adheres to your current interiors to ensure it blends well, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. 

Swap your throw for a chunky knit blanket for your winter decor

My favorite idea is to opt for a chunky knit blanket to really up the cozy factor. When winter comes they make any living space look so cozy and inviting. I suggest draping one over a corner of a sofa like how Bre from “Rooms for Rent” has hers styled for a relaxed, cozy look. 

chunky knit blanket for winter decor


Diy your chunky knit blanket

If you are looking for a cozy, decorative blanket and good diy project, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect winter time activity! Cozy up with some hot cocoa and make your own chunky knit blanket using these instructions from Raising Nobles.

diy chunky knit blanket for winter decor ideas


Not feeling the DIY today? I found the perfect alternative on Amazon, and it’s merino wool (my favorite) so it will definitely keep you nice and warm!


Faux fur- a winter decor staple

A cozy blanket, wrap, or pillow made with faux fur always make me feel like I should be on a snowy sleigh ride or wrapped up by a fire in a beautiful mountain cabin. It’s fairly easy to incorporate a bit of faux fur into your winter decor, and it’s a wonderful way to make your home feel like a cozy respite from the cold outside.

faux fur blanket winter decor

Diy faux fur pom pom blanket

Like I said, it’s surprising easy to incorporate faux fur into your decor. If you’re nervous about overdoing it with too much fluff, this blanket is a great place to start. It’s got just the right amount of faux fur on it. And it’s a budget friendly DIY! See Earnest Home Co for the tutorial.

faux fur pom pom blanket for winter decor


Swap for faux fur pillows for the winter

Pillow covers are a fantastic option for a quick transition to winter decor. Simply swap out a pillow cover or two to create a that warm, rustic, winter look in your space. You can even diy your own as a dupe to the beautiful, but expensive options you may find in stores. Shelly at “100 Things to Do” did this and has a great tutorial here.

dit faux fur pillow cases for winter decor

Of course, you can just buy some fluffy pillows too! There’s lots of options out there, like these white fluffy pillows from Wayfair for instance!

white faux fur for winter decor


Add some warm, glowing lights

You can add a variety of candles to your space to spice up interiors. The best part about using candles is that they can be used as both decor and aromatherapy. And lanterns like these cute ones below from Terrain are a great addition to your living space during winter since they offer a warm light that adds a cozy feel to your home.

lanterns for winter decor


Flameless Candles

Though I love the warm glow of a candle’s flame, I am far too forgetful to keep more than one lit safely. Flameless candles allow you to keep lots of glowing candles throughout your interior without fear of starting a fire. These candles are incredibly realistic (I have some myself) because the flame actually moves around to create a flickering illusion.


Diy candles

Like the chunky throw blanket, candles can also double as a fun winter day activity. It’s actually incredibly easy to make your own candles.  The Spruce Crafts has a great easy to follow tutorial.

diy candle tutorial


You can even streamline the whole process by simply purchasing a candle making kit so you don’t have to think through a materials checklist. This kit from Wayfair even includes cute dried flowers to decorate your candles!

diy candle making kit


Create a candle tray

Whether you’re opting for real or flameless candles, using them as a centerpiece is a great idea. Putting a group of candles on a mirrored tray like this idea by Blesser House creates a cozy effect, bouncing glowing light all around the room.

candles as part of winter decor


Add string lights to your winter decor

String lights always create a warm and inviting atmosphere. And they are so easy to incorporate into your winter decor! You can see here that all it takes is draping them over something like a blanket ladder to transform your space. These large, glossy string lights look SO warm and cozy.

string lights for winter decor
Photo source: Apartment Therapy


Give your Fireplace a Makeover

If you live somewhere chilly, your fireplace will be the center of attention throughout the winter. Before the winter season begins, give your fireplace a makeover to ensure it looks good and also serves you well during the upcoming cold months. 

Refresh your decor for a wintry touch

Sometimes all you need is just a little seasonal canvas to transition your decor to winter. just look at this example from First Day of Home and you can see exactly what I mean. And even better, this one is reversible! So it’s not just for winter decor!

winter decor for fireplace mantle

Don’t have a fireplace? DIY a faux fireplace

Really lean into your winter decor by creating your own faux fireplace if you don’t already have a real one. Though you can’t make a real fire in it, it automatically adds an extra cozy and warm factor to your decor.  This tutorial by matsutake blog will show you how!

faux fireplace winter decor


If you’re looking for a simpler DIY faux fireplace, we have a tutorial of our own! The result isn’t quite as realistic as the one above, but it definitely accomplishes the coxy factor!


Bring in some houseplants

If you adore plants, decorating your house with some is a good idea. Houseplants can help bring back some of the vibrance that is lost outdoors during winter as your garden plants die off. Here are a few recommendation for plants that survive well in winter and indoors.


Snake plant

I once had a snake plant that I continuously forgot to water, and it seemed the more I neglected it, the more it thrived! The air in your home will tend to become drier in the winter months, so picking a plant that can thrive in a dry environment is crucial. You can usually find good snake plants at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or sometimes even grocery stores, but I’ve linked this one from Terrain for inspo because just look at that gorgeous copper pot!

snake plant winter houseplant decor


ZZ plant

These plants have a beautiful dark green color, that’s sure to elevate your living space and winter decor. They are easy to care for and require infrequent watering. These low maintenance plants are pretty easy to find as well. If you can’t find one in local stores, I’ve linked a big beautiful one you can order online through The Sill and a smaller version on Horti as well!

zz plant


Indoor Evergreens for a hint of festivity in your winter decor

Norfolk pines are honestly just too cute not to include in this list! Add a few lights and ornaments and you have yourself a mini, makeshift Christmas tree. These funky tropical pines are not just for the holidays. They’ll look great in your living space year-round! The Sill has them on sale right now, too!

norfolk pine


…And here’s what it’ll look like decorated for the holidays!

Norfolk Island pine decorated for winter decor


Earthy tones in winter decor

Swapping a few decor elements for a new color is a quick and easy way to revamp your decor for winter. Earthy tones are peaceful and relaxing option. They can help bring back some colors from nature that may have gone missing as the cold set in. Here’s a color palette idea by “Havenly” for inspiration. 

earth tones in winter decor


You don’t have to go all out on redecorating to embrace earth tones. All it takes is a few small elements. These blankets from West Elm area a great example of colorful earth tones that will brighten and warm up your home decor in winter.

earth tone blankets


I hope these ideas get you excited for the winter months. Though it may be cold and dreary out, still have a warm and cozy sanctuary to enjoy within your home! Need Christmas decor ideas? Check out our DIY Christmas mantle decoration ideas, diy wall or window christmas tree tutorial, or our Christmas village decor idea and the rest of our Christmas inspiration! Still looking for cozy decor inspiration? Head over to our post on Hygge decor on our sister blog OhMeOhMy. And if the idea of warm glowing lights sparked your interest, you should definitely create our DIY holiday luminarias or, you can diy your own light fixtures! And don’t forget, we have ideas on how to diy your own candles and chunky knit blankets, too!

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