Bathrooms can be pretty bland  spaces, but adding a touch of the unexpected is always an easy way to shake things up. (Decorating, that is. :)) Towel racks are something everyone needs, but instead of sticking with the basic chrome builder’s choice, try these DIY towel racks to add some character to what can otherwise be a boring (or expensive) room to decorate. Because boring is…well, boring! So get those towels up off the floor, and make sure your most utilitarian space doesn’t look, utilitarian! Make towel holder ideas that won’t ever be called “bland”!




10 Clever DIY Towel Racks


From ‘Lil’ Luna’, this DIY bathroom makeover included this old window towel rack they made by screwing the window into studs in the wall, then adding hooks to the bottom edge of the window. This is so charming, and easy!

10 DIY Towel Racks


Carley Kelley‘ took this shot of a towel rack at Joanna and Chip Gaines’ (HGTV) Magnolia Market. They are simply frames overlapped and attached to one another with screws, then attached to the wall. Clever and full of fun!


This DIY Lucite towel bar from ‘A Beautiful Mess’ is a perfect project for the glam in us… A little modern, a little metallic, and so pretty! Made from an acrylic rod and ceiling curtain hooks, easy DIY towel rack!


This is not a tutorial, but we think it’s a pretty simple DIY that we are wanting for our own! River stones, a wood plaque from the craft store and some copper piping. You would need a masonry bit to drill into the stone, and some Gorilla Glue or something similar. Don’t forget to weight or clamp the piece together as the glue cures. Photo by ‘Viva Terra‘.

10 DIY Towel Racks


Alicia at ‘Thrifty & Chic’ updated her old hardware with a DIY framed towel holder. This project is simply a picture frame and some leftover fabric! Cute AND cheap!


Lovin’ on this DIY copper pipe ladder rack from ‘Brittany Makes’. This is one of those DIY towel racks that can be used in almost any style bathroom and look amazing…


Ok, so you know we love projects that embrace nature. We just do. This DIY branch towel bar is such a conversation piece, but not in a “why is there a tree in your bathroom” kinda way. Great tutorial. You can get your hands on a branch, right? Come on! From ‘Pretty Handy Girl’.


From ‘The Rugged Home’, this DIY rustic ladder rack cost only $7 to make. Full tutorial to building this beginners DIY towel rack project.


From ‘Dwelling in Happiness’, build this DIY towel rack with a shelf from scrap wood and some hooks. Another perfect project for beginners.


Last, from ‘Strawberry Jam House’, Tara made this completely awesome towel rack from an old window. She walks you through how she did it, including some great tips for the “details”. Love the fabric backing!


If you are excited about making your own DIY towel racks, then jump on over and check out Spa Bathroom on a Budget, 50 Home Organizing Ideas, or DIY Bathroom Vanity Projects! Or, check out even more Towel Storage Ideas over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy!

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  1. Charlotte Lindsay March 6, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    There are so many unique ways to hang towels, that there is no excuse not to use it as a decorating opportunity. Thanks for the share! I really love the look of a towel rack, especially the sleek gold one.

  2. Caroline Garcia June 10, 2018 at 1:09 am

    All those towel rack hacks were pretty and cost efficient. Love that river stone made towel holder and thanks for sharing the making tips!! Keep it up..:)

  3. Letícia Alexandra August 23, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    A reminder: you should not put a wet towel on wood because it generates fungi, which is not healthy. If the wood is not coated with a specific product against mold, it is best to use other material to hang the towels. Your site is great. Congratulations!


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