Merry Christmas to all our readers! We have been drooling over all those classic Christmas blogger homes the past few weeks with the rest of you, so we decided to share a few of our favorites here in our classic Christmas home tour! Starting out with ours, of course. Ya know, we usually shoot for a creative theme that is just a little off the beaten path, like our Candyland Christmas of a few years back… But this year, a teenage daughter and a longing for some Christmas spirit that brings home a little nostalgia won out, and we went with the red and white and green! So here we are, sharing our Classic Christmas Home Tour and then a few others we love as well!

Classic Christmas Home Tours


So step one in a classic Christmas is definitely the tree! This year, we were lucky enough to be contacted be a tree company called Green Valley Christmas Trees. Here is the scoop… Rachel at Green Valley emailed us and asked if we would want to work together, and we thought this would fit perfectly into our home tour post. We loved the idea of this company, because they ship the fresh cut tree right to you, with free shipping! So we looked around their site a bit, saw the different trees they offer, and decided on a 6 1/2 to 7 foot Noble Fir. The tree arrived on time, and packed nicely in a box that even one person could handle. The one thing that impressed us most was the tree was great quality, and if you look at the photo below of me pulling on a branch, virtually no needle fall. (Except of course, the normal… nothing coming off the branches!) Why do we love this idea? If you are crazy busy like us, if you don’t have a way to get a fresh cut tree home from the lot, if you simply don’t want to go out in the snow and ice… this is for you. One note: The only down side was that they definitely measure the trees to the very tip… Steve is 6’3″ and the tree stood next to him was just a hair taller. So if you plan on trimming the trunk to draw more water, and possibly the tip for a topper, order up in size. But then, that’s true if you go to a lot locally as well. Ok, last thing about these trees… you can set your ship date, and a lot of people are talking online about being able to get varieties they haven’t seen in their area in years… So yep, Green Valley Christmas Trees! (Don’t you just want to peek at what they have? :))

Classic Christmas Home Tours


Ok, so here is that very same tree from a box, decorated in classic Christmas! Love the healthy color of this tree!

Classic Christmas Home Tours


Classic Christmas Home Tours


Please take special note of the “Believe” chalkboard. My teenage daughter Rachel whipped this out, no stencil required! A few firefly lights from the craft store, and our DIY holiday luminaria project!

Classic Christmas Home Tours

Classic Christmas Home Tours


Close up of the DIY holiday luminarias

Classic Christmas Home Tours


Ok, so this is one of my Santa collection… the background is wall art wrapped as Christmas gifts. We added greenery wrapped with firefly lights… It’s a great budget holiday decorating idea!

Classic Christmas Home Tours


Real antique cheese box we picked up at an antique sale last summer for $5…

Classic Christmas Home Tours


One of my favorite Christmas decorations ’cause it reminds me of a photo of myself during the Christmas season when I was two. I’ll spare you the dated (hey, at least it’s in color!) snapshot! Oh, and the books she is perched on are covered with red wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.

Classic Christmas Home Tours


Ok, moving on! Hope you enjoyed a peek inside our Classic Christmas!

Kimberlee at ‘The Fancy Shack‘ has this vintage style home with a perfect classic Christmas going on… with tons of ideas! Lot’s of photos here, be sure to check this one!

Christmas tour-1


Major Hoff Takes a Wife‘ shared this plaid country Christmas from ‘Sycamore and Vine’… Can you say p.r.e.t.t.y?

Christmas tour-2

Christmas tour-3


Ok, jump over to visit Kristin at ‘Yellow Bliss Road‘. Not only is her whole home done for this season, her kitchen decorating ideas for the holidays are a “Treat”! (My fav is the jars in her kitchen shots, go look for yourself! Charm!)

Christmas tour-4


Toni at ‘Design Dazzle‘ knows exactly how to decorate for the holidays with inexpensive tips, which she shares, of course. Along with TONS of photos of this gorgeous classic Christmas!

Christmas tour-5


Ok, I gotta stop, but it’s so hard! So many gorgeous blogger homes! Our last one is from April at ‘House by Hoff‘… Classic, but simple at the same time! We LOVE this one! Oh, and the chalkboard? Yes please!

Christmas tour-6

Do you have a fav blogger home tour? Share in comments! Also visit our easy Holiday-DIY projects from the nest bloggers around!

Image Credits: The Fancy Shack, Yellow Bliss Road, Design Dazzle, House by Hoff



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