Let’s face it, most of us have more books laying around our homes than we can count. That’s a good thing! Even if you are tired of the book clutter, here are some great budget ways to tame the mess, and add charm and character to your rooms by decorating with books!

​Books add warmth to a room. Add a stack of books to a tabletop, kitchen counter, or fireplace hearth. Use odd numbers of books for the best result.


Decorating with Books



Instead of just packing your bookshelves full, try treating your books as an art form. Leave space between stacks, stack some vertically and some horizontally. Place contrasting objects throughout the case such as plants, ceramics, collectables, or framed photos.

Decorating with books


Use children’s books creatively in their rooms also. Display them so they are easily accessible to encourage reading. Use letters, and words as a room theme for a child who loves to read…paint or decoupage onto the wall dust covers, the alphabet, and words.



Or create a book themed room like this Dr. Seuss child’s bedroom by Fancy Frugal Life!


Find old books from a garage sale and glue them together in a sturdy stack to make legs for a side table. Place a round of glass from a discount store on top, or put the stack on top of a low stool for legs.

Book nightstand table

Design Every Day has this great DIY book headboard tutorial! Every book lover should want one of these!

diy book headboard


Don’t be afraid to display a favorite book open on a tabletop, turned to a favorite passage. Guests in your home will get a glimpse into your personality, and you will smile every time you stop to read a page!

Decorating with Books

​Books are a wonderful addition to our homes, and displaying them lovingly is a wonderful example to our children. Also a tight budget way to add charm to any room! Enjoy these 5 great ways to use books in decorating! Check out our post on  How to Style Bookshelves as well!

Image Credits: Coveteur/ Rachel Roy, Pinterest, Meg Braff, BHG, Freshome, Fancy Frugal Life, San Francisco Style, Design Every Day

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    very cool and tradional decoration for home


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