If you follow the DIY world, chances are then you know all about shiplap walls. Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” and her website, ‘Magnolia Market‘ has made DIY shiplap a hot project for those of us trying to make the most of our homes on a budget. Don’t yet know about the shiplap craze? Shiplap is basically a horizontal rustic wall paneling technique that was really popular in building less expensive homes circa 1920 and before, and has made a comeback with a charming vengeance. Traditionally it slightly overlapped the board underneath it creating a little channel, giving it strength against cold and moisture. It was sometimes used as insulation in old farmhouses, then covered with wallpaper or something considered “pretty” at the time.

This technique can work for most styles, from coastal to farmhouse to cottage… even modern! Bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms… We love it anywhere. Don’t worry though, if you weren’t lucky enough to buy a historic farmhouse with shiplap hiding under the sheetrock, we have some DIY shiplap projects to help you fake it, in the best way!




We love this tutorial (below) for DIY shiplap walls from Emily (and Hubby!) at ‘Table and Hearth’. They used an inexpensive plywood underlayment ripped into planks to cut costs dramatically. Total charming update for this guest bedroom! (BTW, loving’ on that bed, too! Try our post on DIY bed frames for one just like it!)

DIY shiplap-2


Yvonne and Bobby over at ‘Stone Gable Blog’ have a secret to planking a wall like shiplap that is pure genius! Ok, this is one of those hacks that can make your life soooo much easier. I think we love shiplap in the bathroom as much as a kitchen! Oh, and check out the before photos of this project at the site too, such a change!

DIY shiplap-3


Jill and her hubby from ‘Jillify It’ via ‘Remodelaholic’ shows us how to install simple shiplap walls. This project cost them less than $200 for a major home upgrade. Simple little trick from this clever couple on spacing is worth the visit alone, let alone the amazing wall they created.

DIY shiplap-4


Danielle from ‘Finding Silver Pennies’ partnered with ‘Home Depot’ in creating this She Shed with shiplap walls, and shows you just how she did it!

DIY shiplap-5


Tamara at ‘Provident Home Design’ has the right idea, they made shiplap planks from MDF board to save big bucks. They also used this on an entertainment center instead of walls, great impact for just a small area!

DIY shiplap-6


From ‘Bless’er House’, these DIY faux shiplap walls may be faking it, but really, what DIY project doesn’t have a little of that? This technique may be an easier route to shiplap!

DIY shiplap-7


And just when you thought shiplap was just for walls, Donna from ‘Funky Junk’ has a tutorial for a shiplap style bakery sign to add farmhouse charm to any kitchen! Can’t you smell the hot muffins baking?

DIY shiplap-9


Lastly, we have a touch of inspiration for you. Is this the freshest, most charming fireplace ever? This was simply covered in shiplap and finished with molding, than all painted white. From ‘Caitlin Creer Interiors‘.

DIY shiplap-8


From “Fixer Upper”‘s own Joanna Gaines’ ‘Magnolia Market’ is this last amazingly inspiring room of shiplap. Are you in love yet?

DIY Shiplap

Hopefully you enjoyed all these DIY shiplap projects! You might want to check out our post on “One Day Remodeling Ideas“!

Image Credits: Magnolia Market, Table and Hearth, Jillify It, Finding Silver Pennies, Provident Home Design, Bless'er House, Funky Junk, Caitlin Creer Interiors


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  1. Jenny March 8, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    This beautiful compilation of different shiplap projects is so inspiring!!! I definitely want to try something similar to the “bakery” sign!


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