We all have ’em. That old chair you can’t stand to throw out, but also can’t stand to look at! Either its fabric could win an ugly chair contest, or it is in such bad shape it looks like it just got rescued from a back alley. (And hey, maybe it did!) Whether you want to transform your latest thrift store find, or want to bring Aunt Rhoda’s antique chair into this decade, we have all the instructions you need on how to reupholster a chair. Save big bucks over paying to have it done with these tutorials! We have tried to include tutorials for several different styles and types of chairs, so get to it!




Our first project is from Ally at ‘Mr. Wilson and Me‘. Her tutorial on tufting and reupholstering cane back chairs has lots of step by step photos to get you through the process. I see these types of chairs at thrift stores all the time, nice to know they can be redone!



Brooke at ‘All Things Thrifty‘ shows us the 10 essential tools needed for upholstery, and a bunch of great tips along the way as she reupholsters these fabric covered dining chairs. I absolutely LOVE the fabric she chose. If you ever walk into a designer home and wonder how they make it look so amazing, choosing fabrics like this is one of their secrets!



Ok, now we’re getting’ serious. Lorien at ‘A Side of Sunshine’ shows us how to reupholster a chair… and not just any chair, but a full size club chair. Yep, just like the one sitting in your family room. Lots of step by step photos! Be sure to check out the ’80’s before photo!



Jenny from ‘Little Green Notebook‘ show us all the steps on how to reupholster a chair… and I mean ALL the steps! She breaks it down into 5 parts, and has very detailed instructions for anyone who is new to this project and wants a professional finish. So many photos! Great tutorial…




From Dina at ‘Honey & Fitz’, these upholstery fabric yardage charts are a MUST for anyone figuring out how much fabric to buy, for which chair.



Learn how to reupholster a chair from ‘BHG‘… This tutorial is pretty straightforward, and I love the bright fabric they chose. They have a tutorial to recover an ottoman as well.



Jessica at ‘Four Generations, One Roof‘ has a special tutorial for how to reupholster wing back chairs. Why is it special? ‘Cause these chairs ended up in the January 2013 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine! Not only that, she also has a video tutorial, in addition to the step by step instructions and photos.


Jessica Bruno, 191 Putnam Hill Road, Sutton, MA


Remember when I said something about having tutorials for different kinds of chairs? How about learning how to reupholster an office chair, from Christy at ‘Confessions of a Serial DIYer‘! Wouldn’t this pretty French style fabric be soooo much better than those ugly black things?



Finally, if you just need to reupholster a chair seat, then check out Christine’s tutorial over at ‘The DIY Dreamer‘. Love the purple punch from this chair! Easy, quick project to update dining chairs with a removable seat.


Now that you have the skills to reupholster a chair, learn to build DIY Bed Frames or  make a DIY upholstered headboard for less than $30!

Image Credits: BHG, Mr. Wilson and Me, All Things Thrifty, A Side of Sunshine, Little Green Notebook, Honey & Fitz, Four Generations, One Roof, Confessions of a Serial DIYer, The DIY Dreamer



  1. Allyson September 24, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Thank you for featuring my reupholstered chairs on your blog. I learned how to reupholster those chairs by reading a lot of the other tutorials you featured. So anyone can do it! It definitely saves a lot of money to take on the project yourself instead of paying someone else to reupholster it for you. Thanks again!

    1. Kathy Woodard December 1, 2015 at 1:34 pm

      Thank YOU for sharing Allyson, great project!

  2. Myia June 19, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    The a side of sunshine website is no longer up.

    1. Kathy Woodard June 20, 2016 at 4:44 pm

      Thx for letting us know, we will look for a replacement project!


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