I am so inspired this year to turn our outdoor spaces into perfect outdoor rooms. However, saving for a wedding and eventually a major move doesn’t leave a lot of room in our budget. We found some amazing DIY patio projects to help you transform that deck, porch or patio into perfection! Now the problem is just choosing one to start with!

Learn how to build Adirondack chairs from Jen at ‘Pink When’… Oh my, I need these chairs, beachside, preferably! They would look great on the back lawn, the front porch, or the back forty! I picture mine a fresh spring green, or a cool azure blue… AAAHHHH…

Patio Perfection : DIY Projects


Also from ‘Pink When’, this $20 DIY outdoor patio bench is just the right budget!  Complete tutorial, with lot’s of photos.

Patio Perfection : DIY Projects


Usonian Automatic‘ made these modern outdoor loungers with plans by ‘Ana White‘. These are so sleek and expensive looking! Lot’s of photos, and the plans from Ana White are free!

Patio Perfection : DIY Projects


Our net project is an amazing DIY outdoor sectional from Georgia at ‘More Like Home’. Lot’s of step by step photos in this tutorial, and this project could save you a lot of cash, and give you a lot of seating!

Patio Perfection : DIY Projects


Kristi at ‘I Should Be Mopping the Floor’ made this DIY drink table from a thrift store find, and it’s a pretty simple project for beginners. Love this idea! Great tutorial with photos.

diy beverage station


Found on the ‘Ana White’ blog, this outdoor dining set using Ana’s plans is a beginners project that should cost less than $100 to build. (Been in a patio store lately? $ Ouch!)



Build a double chair bench with table with this tutorial and free plans from ‘DIY Pete’. A how-to video as well! There are several versions of this project on his page, be sure to scroll down!

Patio Perfection : DIY Projects


This next idea is genius for those of you ( like us!) who live in a hot summer area… It is EXPENSIVE to build a patio cover, but this is a great DIY idea using cables and some sort of canvas material. You could make this with drop cloths and a grommet kit from the sewing or craft store. We found this on Pinterest, and could not find the source anywhere, so if anyone knows please share!



How do you bring it all together? This backyard makeover by ‘BHG’ shows a DIY outdoor dining table, a wooden fence redo, and a concrete planter that could make a nice little fire pit! (Obviously, make sure it’s made of fire safe material!) Make sure you go to the post, and click on “view all” to see all the step by steps and tutorials for this patio transformation.


Image Credits: Ana White, Pink When, Usonian Automatic, More Like Home, I Should be Mopping the Floor, DIY Pete, BHG



  1. Angela January 11, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    It’s very nice..so glad u took the time to show how to do it….I think you need to do a bench using the sign..I really liked it.

  2. Westly Smith January 20, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    I like the little drink table with the soda cans! I think that would be great to go on my patio. I like how you can store ice in the top bucket, and also other things on the two lower shelves. I’m going to ask my wife and see if we can make this together!


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