Romantic decorating means so many different things, but most of us can agree, we can’t get enough of it! Almost anything that makes you feel like you want to snuggle up with your loved ones and spend a rainy afternoon are inspiration for romantic decorating ideas. Or that makes you dream of far away places and travel, or convinces you that today is best spent in bed, all of that qualifies. But so also does just a warm feeling you get when you look at a photo of you and your husband on your wedding day, or you remember that unforgettable vacation long ago in that old farmhouse every time you see that rustic wooden bench. So amp up the romantic decorating all around your house, ’cause something this important should never be in just one room!




Love this great romantic inspiration from ‘Parris Chic Boutique‘. We especially love the pillows, throws, and mugs, because they look like they are just itching for someone with a flair for script and a good Sharpie to DIY! Photos by ‘Love and Light Photography’. (By the way, they do online calligraphy classes!)

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This DIY farmhouse sign from Teryn at ‘Vintage Romance Style’ is everything. Ok, really, brushing your teeth just became dreamy folks. This handwritten sign tutorial uses lyrics from her wedding song. How often do all of us need to be reminded of that day? Maybe daily isn’t a bad thing, huh? I love decorating that means something. This means everything!

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Landee at ‘LandeeLu’ made this DIY love sign for Valentine’s, but I think this should be somewhere all year long! “Love” is one of the most inspirational words there is, so remind yourself everyday how important it is. (Your significant other might happen to read the sign once in awhile, too. :))

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Also from ‘LandeeLu’ are these DIY mason jar tissue holders. Don’t these just look so much more sweet than those ugly cardboard boxes? And don’t all our bathrooms need more romance? Ok, come on, you know it’s true.

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Marg and Liz are ‘The Fancy Farmgirls’, and they write over at ‘How Does She‘. Ok, what is not romantic about this little girls farmhouse makeover bedroom? Seriously, I am planning a redo of my office just to steal a few of these ideas. The polka dots put me over the edge, and they are just stickers! That chandelier in that fun color, the white bedding, the painted furniture, the “A”? Romantic decorating ideas to steal, all over this room!

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From Missy at ‘My Cottage Charm’, these DIY hallway signs prove that romantic decorating can be used anywhere in the house. Her tutorial uses Walmart supplies, so it’ s inexpensive and easy.

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Laura at ‘A Beautiful Mess’ knows that romance can be about lots of fanciful things of the heart. This gold moon wall makes me think of laying out and watching the moon rise and the stars come out, and dreaming. This project is actually pretty easy, and I love the eclectic feel it gives her very pretty room. The gold metallic paint makes it.

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This romantic wall decor from ‘Simple As That’ could be used in a nursery, or in any room you want a breezy, casual vibe of romance. Get out your glue gun, this is an easy one!

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Does it get easier? Rustic romance! This DIY picture display from ‘DIY Weekend Wife’ takes some chicken wire, a charming old frame and some wooden clothespins, and your wedding photos to a whole new place! Sweet display and easy project to add a little romance anywhere.

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Lastly, this inspiration from ‘Hobby Lobby‘ shows us that you can add some romance to anywhere… a little sparkle, a little imagination (and some animal print and soft faux fur never hurts!) and a a little bit of what’s important to you is all it takes!

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We are in love with these romantic decorating ideas! (Seems like everyone is!) Jump on over now to our posts on DIY chunky knit blankets or Romantic DIY Canopies!


Image Credits: LandeeLu, How Does She, My Cottage Charm, Beautiful Mess, Simple As That, DIY Weekend Wife



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