DIY Budget Kitchen Makeovers – One Project at a Time

Doing a whole kitchen makeover can change your day to day life, quite literally. It can also drain your bank account. Fortunately, if you take it one project at a time, you can break the budget down for each DIY project and in a short time have a completely new kitchen! We went out and found projects to help you makeover each major component of your kitchen space, while creating a custom high end … [Read more...]

Budget Bathroom Makeovers : Before and After

Doing a remodel or makeover on your bathroom is one of the best improvements you can make on your home, second only to a kitchen remodel. However, when the budget is tight, it's easy to avoid making any changes at all. Not only will your home's value appreciate with a bathroom makeover, your level of happy with your home will appreciate too! We spend a lot of time in that bathroom, let's make it … [Read more...]

Drool Worthy Decor : Dramatic Master Bedroom Makeovers

We all love to drool over home makeovers. It inspires us, and kicks us in the butt when we're dragging our DIY feet! We did our first Drool Worthy Decor post awhile back, and featured some amazing blogger's farmhouse kitchens... It's been a popular post, so here we go again, this time with the next most important room in the house... master bedrooms! We shouldn't save decorating our personal space … [Read more...]

Flea Market Flips : Before and Afters

If you are a budget decorator, you probably know your local flea market, thrift store, or yard sale circuit pretty well. If you don't, get familiar. Why? Because flea market flips and other such fairy tales are about to come true for you! Check out these tutorials for creating a piece of decorating art from someone's cast away furniture. A little creative elbow grease and some inspiration from … [Read more...]

One Day Kitchen Updates

When you ask most of us which room we want to update the most, the majority will answer the kitchen. We spend a good amount of time there, cooking, eating, doing homework, entertaining...Problem is, kitchen remodeling not only takes a lot of cash, but a fair amount of time as well. We found TBD readers some great one day kitchen updates that won't take a lot of time or money! You can start making … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Furniture Makeovers

At the heart of budget decorating, or DIY decorating for that matter, is the makeover. Find a used piece with good bones at a thrift store, yard sale or flea market, and transform it into something  stylish and lovely. Paint is your number one weapon of course, but there are so many creative ways to makeover thrift store finds, we had to show you some of the best we've found! So scout out your … [Read more...]

DIY Laundry Room Makeovers

Not very many of us have a huge laundry fact many of us don't have much more than a glorified closet to accomplish all those chores... But with some creativity and some clever organization you can change your space into something that not only works better for you and your crew, but also is just a little more pleasant to be in. After all, if we have to be stuck washing and drying and … [Read more...]

DIY Furniture Fixes on a Dime

Furniture is our most costly home decorating expense, but there are many ways to make your furniture the star of the show, without breaking your budget! Here are my top 5 furniture fixes on a dime! * Paint. Ok, that’s an obvious one, but did you know you can paint anything these days? Yes, even that hideous laminate bookcase from 1974. All you need is a primer made specially for non porous … [Read more...]