Creative DIY Bathroom Vanity Projects

Remodeling a bathroom comes right behind a kitchen with home projects that pay off, but it can be expensive to get a look that isn't builder boring. One of the most expensive purchases when remodeling either of those rooms can be the cabinetry. Lucky for us, if a bathroom redo is in your future, you can save some serious cash and make your bathroom look high end custom with these DIY bathroom … [Read more...]

Yard Sale Decorating

Yard sale season is in full swing, and there is no better way to get budget home décor items for your home decorating that also have personality and style. Here's how The Budget Decorator takes trash for little cash, and turns them into gold! Furniture Finds While finding furniture at great prices at a yard sale is a no-brainer, to get the best bargains look a little deeper. Furniture that … [Read more...]

11 Creative Projects with Old Windows

If you are looking for creative charm in your DIY projects, then look to use an old window! There is something about windows with history that make us feel nostalgic... And let's face it... they don't make 'em like they used to! Whenever I use an old window in a project, I picture the family that lived in the home (a simpler time, of course!) looking out those windows during good times and bad, … [Read more...]

How to Reupholster a Chair

We all have 'em. That old chair you can't stand to throw out, but also can't stand to look at! Either its fabric could win an ugly chair contest, or it is in such bad shape it looks like it just got rescued from a back alley. (And hey, maybe it did!) Whether you want to transform your latest thrift store find, or want to bring Aunt Rhoda's antique chair into this decade, we have all the … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Cool Coffee Tables

A really cool coffee table can cover up a whole multitude of family room decorating duds... It becomes the focal point of the room, and takes the attention off less amazing pieces of furniture. How do you get a really cool coffee table without spending big bucks? Do it yourself cool coffee table tutorials from these amazing bloggers! So let's get started! Oh, btw, you can have a really cool coffee … [Read more...]

Fabulous Repurposed Drawer Projects

We repurpose a lot these days, and I don't just mean us here at TBD... I think people in general are thinking about reusing things more than they once did, especially DIY'ers, and that's a great thing! The thing is, sometimes you have to get pretty darn creative to reuse pieces of an item, such as a drawer that has no dresser... Lucky for us, bloggers are some of the most creative people there … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Repurpose a Thrift Store Dresser

Ok, does anyone besides me LOVE a good thrift store dresser? Find one with good bones, and you have the chassis to a bunch of great DIY projects! More than just a repaint and new knobs, these 8 ways to repurpose a thrift store dresser show you how creative bloggers can take a simple piece of furniture, and turn it into a unique piece! Yea. I know. These are totally cool, and totally doable. It's a … [Read more...]

Projects with Picture Frames

Picture frames are cheap, easy to work with, and we usually have a few hanging around the house. So why don't we use them for more than just pictures! Here are some creative and awesome projects using picture frames from some great DIY bloggers! Our feature project above, is a DIY picture frame wreath by KariAnne of 'Thistlewood Farms'. Ok, we love KariAnne. You might have seen her farmhouse … [Read more...]

Storage Ideas Using Repurposed Finds

We love to reuse things in clever ways... And by we, I don't just mean us here at TBD! It's a national obsession, part because it's better for the earth, part because it's better for our creativity. So why not reuse things in a way that solves another problem too - attractive storage? I love it when decor can be pretty and useful! So here are some great inspirational storage ideas using repurposed … [Read more...]

Flea Market Flips : Before and Afters

If you are a budget decorator, you probably know your local flea market, thrift store, or yard sale circuit pretty well. If you don't, get familiar. Why? Because flea market flips and other such fairy tales are about to come true for you! Check out these tutorials for creating a piece of decorating art from someone's cast away furniture. A little creative elbow grease and some inspiration from … [Read more...]

DIY Rustic Decor

Rustic decor used to get a bad rap in the design industry... Fortunately the awareness of the importance of re-purposing and DIY'ing has bred a crazy amount of interest in everything a little bit worn. That's a good thing, because I think patina, and history and things just a little bit tired around the edges are an important part of design. Don't they say, "design imitates life"? Ok, maybe thats … [Read more...]

Repurposed Window Shutter Projects

Gotta love 'em... it seems like window shutters kinda started the DIY project generation, didn't they? I remember that being one of the first DIY projects I was drawn to... three old window shutter made into a cool room divider, with nothing but hinges! DIY repurposed window shutter projects are easy, affordable, and shutters are not hard to find. You can look for authentic vintage shutters, or … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Light Fixture Turned Elegant Candle Holder

So Steve and I make trips to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore a pretty regular event. In case you aren't aware, anything related to home building, repairing or remodeling can be found here, donated to a good cause by both commercial contractors and the average homeowner. You can find some great materials for DIY projects at a ReStore, for a good price. We troll the store for ideas, or … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Furniture Makeovers

At the heart of budget decorating, or DIY decorating for that matter, is the makeover. Find a used piece with good bones at a thrift store, yard sale or flea market, and transform it into something  stylish and lovely. Paint is your number one weapon of course, but there are so many creative ways to makeover thrift store finds, we had to show you some of the best we've found! So scout out your … [Read more...]

Zero Dollar Decorating

Adding style to your home decorating can be easy, fast and free. Here are creative ideas to bring personality to any room, without spending any cash! Use fabric from clothing you no longer use. Pretty prints and textured sweaters make amazing pillow covers, can be used to recover chairs, and even as wall art! The Stone Gable Blog has a great tutorial on how to make sweater … [Read more...]

Decorating Ideas: Using Everyday Objects

When decorating your home on a budget, nothing is a more effective budget decorating strategy than using what you have. You can repurpose everyday objects found around your own home to add decorative elements. Here are five ways to repurpose everyday objects as decor in any room, on a budget! (What’s better than free?) Our featured photo, above, was an amazing repurposed kitchen chair bench … [Read more...]

10 New Uses for Old Items

​Creativity reigns in budget decorating, and there is no better place to showcase your creativity then repurposing old things. Just a couple of great ideas can make a room scream with style, and add loads of personality. Our featured photo above, is a door frame project by Photogmommie. 1. Crate It! Use an old wooden crate once used for pop bottles or wine as a shelving or wall display unit. … [Read more...]

5 Eco Friendly Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Decorating your home to be eco friendly shouldn’t be expensive. And it shouldn’t just be for the environmental activists either; we all have a responsibility to our communities, and to our families. There are many ways you can decorate “green” for a lot less “green”! Here are The Budget Decorator’s top 5 ways to green up your home, on a budget! ​Use what you have: Many times when decorating … [Read more...]

DIY Vintage Suitcase Projects

They don't make suitcases like they used to...the older ones have character and patina, and you can still find affordable vintage suitcases at thrift stores and in antique shops for reasonable prices. We have run across a bunch of DIY vintage suitcase projects that I think are charming enough for every home. If you have a few in the attic, or Grandma is getting ready to clean out the basement, … [Read more...]

Junk Style – Ideas and Inspiration

Junk style has been around since the beginning of home design, but we can thank Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style for not only making it popular, but making it desirable. Sue showed the country through her books that junk style was about bringing the old into the new, and re-purposing and re-creating old things into creations that added charm, history and relevance to our home interiors. She showed … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Decorate with Plates

Plates are a big collectible in home decorating, but you don’t have to have a china hutch full of rare antiques to appreciate the beauty of plates in your home.​ Decorating with plates can save you money, add charm and dimension to your rooms, and allow you to display your favorite pieces as well. Here are 5 great ways to decorate with plates! (Our featured photo above, is by Domestic … [Read more...]

Project: Paper Christmas Decorations

There aren't a lot of craft materials more budget friendly than paper. With crafting and scrap-booking papers becoming available in almost every craft store, it makes it easy to create quality, low cost Christmas and holiday ornaments.  Paper is a medium that is easy to work with, and you can get the whole family involved. And with these paper ornament tutorials, you can have incredible holiday … [Read more...]

Unique and Repurposed Wall Storage Ideas

Everyone can use more organization in their lives (except those misguided souls who alphabetize their spices, canned goods and color-coordinate their laundry supplies!). Additional wall storage can help bring that organization into your home. And original and re-purposed wall storage ideas can help organization become décor pizzazz! Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. If you have old … [Read more...]