Whether you live in a large home or a small one, there never seems to be enough storage, right? These easy DIY storage hacks will help you get and stay organized all around the house. They are clever and fast solutions to the clutter and chaos that can overwhelm your decor and your home. Set a goal to put one of these in place once a week, and before you know it, you will have gotten the art of home organization down, and not spent much money to do it!



Easy storage hacks


Easy Storage Hacks And Ideas

Does your kitchen counter or front hall get mail spill over? This smart Ikea hack mail rack is the perfect way to organize it all as you walk in the door. From ‘Instructables‘, this is made with any simple shelf and some plywood magazine racks from Ikea. Simple and fast organization hack, this would also help organize a home office or a homework station!


Do you have that problem with your linen closet? You know, the one where you take a whole afternoon to organize it, but before you know it, someone carelessly mixed the pillow cases with the table cloths? Or the queen sheet sets and the full sheet sets are now all on the same shelf? And they are all WHITE? This storage hack from ‘Homegoods‘ will help you stay organized in the linen closet. Store your sheets sets inside the matching pillow cases. Not only does that keep them all together, it keeps them in this nice stackable package that won’t fall apart and get mixed around with the other linens the next time your teenager decides to whirlwind through.


These bungee and wine cork cord ties from ‘The Kim Six Fix‘ are so creative. She uses these to store extension cords, but I could see them being used to corral stuff in kids rooms, the garage, even the gift wrapping station! Easy project, and if you are anything like me and Steve, getting your hands on some wine corks shouldn’t be a big problem. ;)


We love the idea of an organized pantry, but the thought of buying glass containers for every food in there is daunting. (And expensive!) These easy coffee creamer pantry storage containers from ‘Frugal Elegance‘ are such cute and easy storage hacks, and they are practical too! Those cool pour spouts on the creamer container allow you to neatly pour so many foods! Oh, and they stay fresher in there than in that cheap cardboard packaging too.


Don’t have a pantry? ‘Bird of a Feather‘ has you covered with their tutorial on how to turn a filler panel into a slide out cabinet! All the steps are here, including a drawing and instructions. Use that wasted space!


We love this one, ’cause it’s practical, but also looks very modern and cool. From Dutch site ‘Ich Designer‘, this idea uses Ikea “Sultan” bed slats and simple S-hooks from the hardware store to create a hanging rack that you could use in the kitchen, office or bath. The whole storage hack is inexpensive and pretty self explanatory, but if you don’t happen to speak Dutch and you want to read the tutorial, use Google Translate.


Need some unique garage storage? Scout out thrift stores (or your attic!) for an old, beat up golf bag and put it into use holding gardening tools. All the pockets make it perfect for little garden items. If you are lucky enough that it has wheels, you can take the whole thing into the garden with you! From ‘HGTV‘, photo by Melissa George.


From ‘Crafty Morning‘, if you have kids, you have Legos. And probably, way too many Legos. Make them work for you in this lipstick storage hack. I happen to be guilty of owning way more lipsticks and glosses than I should, and keeping them organized in the drawer is tough. I think I would use this hack right inside the drawer to keep all my lipsticks label side up, so you know what you are looking for! If you wanted to keep them on the counter, you could spray paint them a pretty metallic, like rose gold.


Do you hate those cheap plastic hangers you get with kids clothes? I did too until I saw this DIY organization hack. Hang chips (or whatever!) in your pantry with this awesome pantry organization idea from ‘Country Living‘. We also came across people breaking off the clip tabs from the hangers to use as single chip clips as well.


Got crafts? Most of us do, right? ‘Something Turquoise‘ created these pipe tape holders that are pretty perfect! You could use these for ribbon in a craft room or gift wrapping station as well. If you have someplace you can make this permanent, screw the flanges into the work surface to make them stable, and just pull on a ribbon and cut when needed.

Start making your home just a little more organized, one (or two) DIY storage hacks at a time! Then jump on over and try our post on DIY dollar store organizing or DIY home hacks for more great ideas!

Image Credits: Ich Designer, Instructables, HomeGoods, Kim Six Fix, Frugal Elegance, Birdz of a Feather, HGTV, Crafty Morning, Country Living, Something Turquoise



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  1. Charlotte Lindsay February 20, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks, I love learning new ways to keep organized. I just cleaned out my linen closet and used the pillow case trick. I also adore the ikea wood plank wall, it is a great way to keep your things organized, while also decorating. I also love that it is simple to change out pieces on this plank wall leaving endless decorating possibilities. I have seen similar things done with peg boards. Check out this site http://www.maelmoderndecor.com/default.asp for some great organizational pieces.

  2. Alisha July 17, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing these tips & tricks!


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