Ok, so my latest project around the house – I wanted to add some cool, industrial style metal numbers to my living room decor to update the look a bit, and give it some edge. Those cool zinc metal numbers and letters Anthropologie sells are great, but I figured I should be able to do something similar for a lot less. So here it is, call it what you want, my version of  DIY cool metal numbers (or letters) with a vintage industrial edge… and we can kinda, sorta call it an Anthropologie hack. Hey, they are similar! Or maybe more of a Hobby Lobby metal numbers dupe. Either way! Update :  If I had to go back and do this project again, I would rub even more chalk dust onto all the edges!



Hobby Lobby Metal Number Dupe


  • Paper Mache Numbers or Letters (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.75 on sale.)
  • Chalkboard spray Paint
  • Chalk

DIY Industrial Metal Numbers


First, I spray painted the numbers with two coats of chalkboard paint, letting them dry a couple of hours in between coats… this was no easy task, since at the time, it was less than 30 degrees outside and I had to paint in the garage. Once they dried to the touch, I brought them into the laundry room, turned on the fan and let them dry the rest of the way in there. Turns out chalkboard paint doesn’t have much of a smell! Yay!

DIY Industrial Metal Numbers


Second, I took a stick of chalk and gently rubbed onto the edges, using my fingers to smear chalk lightly over the surface until it looked “aged” enough for me. I used a light yellow chalk, mostly because it’s all I had, but I like the warm touch it gave it, definitely doesn’t look “yellow”. Use white if you want more of a zinc appearance. To get more of the Anthropologie look, rub chalk all over the surface with your fingers. I liked the way mine turned out though, more like Hobby Lobby metal numbers. Remember, it’s your project!

DIY Industrial Metal Numbers


That’s it!

DIY Industrial Metal Numbers

DIY Industrial Metal Numbers


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