Do you have a basement that’s just crying out for a bit of a facelift? Adding a bar to your basement is a great way to turn it into a haven where you can enjoy some quiet time or a party zone that’s perfect for entertaining. Whether you’re looking for modern basement bar ideas or small basement bar ideas for tight spaces, you’ll find the right inspiration here! 

collage of basement bar ideas

The Two Main Types of Basement Bars to Consider

Before you start perusing our favorite basement bar ideas, it’s important to understand your options. The first step is to choose whether you want to install a wet vs dry bar in your basement. But what’s the difference, and which is right for you? 

Wet Bar Features, Pros, and Cons

A wet bar has taps, which means it needs to be plumbed into your basement. You’ll need to make sure you have access to plumbing, and that the bar can be installed in a space where water lines run. It’s great for a large space, and it’s more professional, but it’s also a more expensive undertaking, and a much bigger project. 

Dry Bar Features, Pros and Cons

On the other hand, a dry bar is an easier installation. Dry bars don’t need to be plumbed in – they’re really just a workspace where you can serve beers or make cocktails. Dry bars are generally easier to install, and cheaper. They’re also great small basement bar ideas, because you don’t need a large area with water lines or a sink. However, a sink is really nice to have for cleanup when dealing with cocktail ingredients like syrups or citrus. 

Modern Basement Bar Ideas

If your home is modern, your basement bar should be too! You can create beautiful, modern designs with these stunning modern basement bar ideas. There are some gorgeous color schemes here as well, but don’t be afraid to stick to your home’s existing color schemes – it adds a nice continuity. 

The Tropical Modern Basement Bar

Bring a slice of paradise to your bar with this beautiful, tropical modern basement bar idea. I absolutely LOVE the lighting in this bar, along with the comfy, relaxed seating – how good does that couch look?! I think Louis Duncan-HE has done a great job here of fusing modern basement bar ideas with the comfort of a cozy den. Love it! 

tropical decorated basement with bar and seating area


The Minimalst Modern Basement Bar

I can’t get past the limewash brick wall here – it’s absolutely stunning. The white adds a perfectly neutral background for the entire room, yet is somehow also the focal point! The shelving is also beautiful (and a great idea if you’re trying to organize your kitchen on a budget), as are the stools. Get the details here from Tiffany Weiss Design. 

minimalist modern basement bar with a large island seating area


The Modern Basement Bar + Office Combo

A bar that doubles as an office? Possibly not great for your productivity, but the drive to happy hour shouldn’t take too long! This design from Adelphi Kitchens is perfect if you’re looking for large bar ideas for basements – it takes up a lot of space, but it’s also really functional. 

spacious basement bar with an office nook in the background


Small Basement Bar Ideas

We get it, not every basement is spacious. Don’t worry, even if you’re operating in tight corners, these small basement bar ideas let you do a lot with just a little bit of space. You might find that dry basement bar ideas are better for smaller rooms, but if you already have the plumbing, check out the basement wet bar ideas too.

The Farmhouse Style Basement Bar

The whites and neutral woods in this basement bar from Katie Perri Design make it perfect for a small space. The lighter colors provide a fresh look, and it’s a great choice whether your home leans towards modern vs rustic decor. One of our fave dry bars! 

small basement bar space with white walls and counter, light wood cabinets, and dark hexagon tile floor


A Small Basement Bar with Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re working with a small space, utilizing it smartly is key. A great way to do that is with cabinets! This inspo from Devol Kitchens maximizes wall storage space with some statement cabinets – the clear doors are perfect for a basement bar. PS – If this isn’t your style, check out some more options in our guide to DIY cabinet plans

small dry bar space accompanied by a large wall of wine storage cabinets


The Ultra-Compact Basement Bar

I wasn’t lying when I said you don’t need a lot of space to work with – just look at this ultra-compact basement bar idea from Better Homes and Gardens. This is a wet bar, but you could just as easily do something similar if you don’t have the plumbing. My all-time favorite part of this one? The green lightshade! 

compact basement bar built-in under stair nook


Budget Basement Bar Ideas

Just like you don’t need a lot of space to create a basement bar, you also don’t need a huge budget! Of course, it’s hard to do a full basement renovation and install a wet bar on a tight budget, but there’s lots you can do, like adding these DIY bar cart ideas to your basement bar space. 

A Statement Bar on a Budget

Looking at the end result of this bar, you wouldn’t even know it had been built on a budget! The gorgeous blue color is what makes it for me – what a great way to redo a backsplash! I love the cabinets, and the fact that it only takes up one wall – you can give your entire basement a bar-like vibe with just one statement piece! Find the details at HomeStud Design Studio

small basement bar idea with blue statement wall backsplash


A Simple Dry Basement Bar

If your basement has an existing brick wall, this is the perfect way to turn it into an absolute statement. This dry bar idea couldn’t be more eye-catching, and all you really need to add is some shelving and cabinets! The lighting is also a nice touch. You can find the full tutorial here at Home With Marieza

small dry basement bar with brick accent wall and open shelving


Opt for a Bar Cart

If you don’t have the budget or space to build a full-on bar in your basement, a simple bar cart can still bring the vibes. These DIY bar cart ideas are affordable and easy to build – perfect if you’re looking for finished basement bar ideas that don’t require a whole renovation. Check out our favorites here!

Z shape wooden diy bar cart painted blue
Photo source: Kreg Tool


DIY Basement Bar Ideas for Your Home

If you’ve got the skills, time, and tools, these DIY basement bar ideas give you the chance to really customize your space. Turn a cold, dark, underutilized basement into a fun space where you can relax on a night in or do some entertaining on the weekend. 

The DIY Man Cave Bar

If you’re after more of a man cave/sports bar vibe, the video tutorial from Golden Key Design might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It has a ton of cool features, including a concrete accent wall, a dart board, and some fun cabinets. 

Finsished DIY basement bar with a tv hung on the back wall of the bar


The One-Day DIY Basement Bar

This extremely helpful tutorial from Black and Decker takes just one day to build, but I’d recommend setting aside at least a weekend, just in case! As far as DIY basement bar ideas go, this one is great. A simple shelf to create a corner bar and some stools is all you really need. Plus, if you only have one corner of your basement to work with, it’s a great option! 

DIY Basement Bar


The DIY Basement Bar + Pool Room

We’ve possibly saved the best for last, because this DIY basement bar idea is absolutely stunning. From the backsplash to the artwork and the continuous color theme, everything here works perfectly. Get the details (and browse the rest of the amazing pictures) here at One Smith Story

Basement with pool room and full bar in the background


Create the Basement Entertaining Space with these Bar Ideas

Regardless of how much space you have, or what your budget may be, adding a bar to your basement is a great way to create more functional living space in your home. Whether it’s a simple bar cart, a dry bar in one corner of your basement, or a wet bar that transforms your entire basement, give it a go today and bring happy hour to your home!

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