We all have ‘em. Tupperware, plastic storage containers, and the never-ending lids. And, we need them. They are indispensable for storing leftovers, bulk groceries, and freezing meals. But then comes the chaos otherwise known as “the Tupperware drawer.” 

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to sift through tons of plastic lids trying to match them to tons of similarly shaped Tupperware containers? In other words, to have them organized? (Gasp!) Well, you can! 

You can make an easy Tupperware organizer yourself, and stop having to play the memory game every time you want to store the leftover chicken soup. So check out these great solutions on how to organize Tupperware and plastic storage containers once and for all!

Make Your Own Tupperware Organizer


How to Store Tupperware

Tupperware is so funny. Sometimes it feels like you have way too many empty containers, and other times it feels like you can’t find the right-sized Tupperware to save your leftovers! As you’ll see with these DIY Tupperware storage systems, it’s all about making your Tupperware easy to access and having a storage space that’s big enough to comfortably fit your containers. So, find the right system that works for you, and get to work with these Tupperware storage ideas!

DIY Tupperware Organizers for Small Spaces

In a cramped kitchen (and especially in smaller apartments), it can be tricky to find enough storage space to have beautifully organized food storage containers. These ideas are perfect for those cramped environments – you’ll be amazed by what you can do without a lot of room to work with! Psst – if it’s more than Tupperware you’re struggling with, check out our tips for organizing a small kitchen on a budget!

20-Minute Tupperware Organizer Project

Let’s get you started with a primer from Emily at ‘Small Stuff Counts’ on how to organize Tupperware and other plastic food storage containers. She has great tips on how to purge all those pieces with lost lids or vice versa, and how to get it all in hand in about 20 minutes!

tupperware organized in a small kitchen cabinet


Tupperware Organizers You Can Make

This first DIY Tupperware organizer is from ‘I Heart Organizing’. They made a lazy Susan from a round wood disc to take advantage of lost space in a corner cabinet. Now they can get to all the storage containers they need at the touch of a hand! Did we mention, they made it a pretty marble look, too? You can find more ideas for painting your kitchen cabinets in our guide!

lazy susan used to organize Tupperware in cabinet


Magazine Rack Tupperware Lid Holder for Cabinet Doors

Using the back of your cabinet doors is a great way to find space where you didn’t think there was any. You can use a magazine rack from the office supply store to organize your kitchen cabinets! Tupperware lids are under control by mounting one of these inside your cabinet door. “BHG” has this and even more Tupperware storage ideas you can borrow – it could be the start of your budget kitchen makeover! 

Tupperware lid organizer idea using a magazine holder


Budget DIY Tupperware Organizing Ideas

When it comes to something like your food storage containers, you don’t want to spend a fortune figuring out the perfect storage system. These Tupperware storage ideas will help you get it done for cheap. 

How to Store Tupperware Using Plastic Storage Drawers

Polished Habitat” used one of those clear storage drawers you can get at any discount store as an easy DIY Tupperware organizer for both the containers and the lids. You can put this in any kitchen cabinet and you don’t have to worry that every time you open the door, you will be greeted by a landslide of plastic storage bins!

How to use a plastic storage drawer for organizing food storage containers


Organizing Tupperware with a Pegboard

This pegboard-style adjustable drawer organizer will help you make a custom storage solution for all your food storage containers. You can move the pegs as needed to accommodate different sized kitchen containers, and all their lids as well. This DIY video tutorial is from ‘Buzzfeed’.

pegboard tupperware storage drawer


Organize Food Storage Containers with a Cheap Drying Rack

From Amanda at ‘Hometalk’, try this simple Tupperware organizer idea. Use a dish drying rack and plastic bin from the dollar store, and corral all those plastic containers and lids, on a budget!

How to use a drying rack a Tupperware organizer


Tupperware Storage Ideas with Mesh Bags

Cook, Create, Consume’ has a great dollar store hack for organizing your Tupperware. She got a mesh storage bag, and hung it inside her kitchen cabinet doors to hold her smaller Tupperware and all the lids. Check out her post to find out just how she customized it to fit her space.

Mesh storage bag Tupperware organizer


How to Build DIY Solutions for Organizing Tupperware

If you’ve got a spare weekend and a few basic tools, these DIY projects are perfect for anyone who wants a serious solution for their mess of Tupperware containers. They’re a bit more involved and slightly more expensive, but they’re perfect if you’re after a long-term solution for organizing Tupperware. 

DIY Slide-Out Drawer for Organizing Tupperware

Do you have a DIY’er in your home? Good, because you will definitely want them to build you this DIY slide-out kitchen organizing drawer! Don’t stop there and get these in all the drawers in your kitchen! Full instructions from “Family Handyman.

custom DIY built-in Tupperware organizer drawer


How to Store Tupperware Using a DIY Pegboard

This DIY idea for organizing Tupperware is a drawer that’s designed to be used in a base cabinet. If you have somewhere for this, it’s a great solution for de-cluttering your Tupperware containers! Plus, you’ll love the super-detailed tutorial from “Fix This Build That.

drawer with pegboard tupperware organizer


Simple DIY Storage for Food Containers

This one isn’t strictly DIY, but you will have to fit the shelves inside your cabinet. If you do want to take things one step further and make your own pull-out cabinet organizer, the tutorial has a link for that too! Find everything you need for this one (including links to both the products used) over at “Love and Renovations.”

cabinet Tupperware organizing idea


DIY Steps for Organizing Tupperware with Drawer Dividers

Julie over at “Frugally Blonde” has some great tips on how to store Tupperware to make it less chaotic. She recommends donating Tupperware you don’t use, discarding anything with a broken lid, and using drawer dividers to keep everything organized. Check out the tutorial to see how she did it!

Tupperware organized into a drawer with dividers


Learn How to Organize Tupperware With These DIY Tips! 

A Tupperware organizer might not be the most exciting project you’ve ever tried, but it can make a big difference to your stress levels! Having Tupperware containers that are easy to access and that don’t come jumping out at you every time you open a cupboard brings a certain inner peace, and because most of these ideas only cost a few dollars, it’s definitely a worthwhile way to spend a couple of hours! 

So, learn how to organize Tupperware and de-clutter your Tupperware cabinet and your mind at the same time! Try our post on Dollar Store Organizing Ideas, and jump over to our sister site OhMeOhMy and check out our post on Kitchen Drawer Organizing as well!

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