One of the reasons we all decorate our homes for the holidays is to make everyone who crosses our threshold feel welcome, right? So it makes sense that the first place you want to show that warmth is at the front door. You can make your own Christmas doormats that are personal, unique, and best of all, welcoming. Each one of these 13 DIY front doormat tutorials walks you through (the very easy) steps. You can do these in an afternoon, and be well on your way to putting your best (holiday!) foot forward! Or your guests’, depending on how you look at it. :)



Christmas Doormat DIY’s

Most of these Christmas doormat tutorials will use those inexpensive coir mats you can find at Ikea, home improvement stores, even dollar stores. And paint. Plus, one or two other little secrets supplies they all share with you, along with easy techniques and tips. This is  a super simple holiday project that even the kids can help with. So let’s get to it!

Colorful Christmas Doormat

Our first DIY front doormat for the holidays is from ‘Tip Junkie’. They use a Cricut vinyl cutting machine to make their stencil, but you can simply buy a stencil at the craft store as well. Bright Christmas colors, and voila! The Merry & Bright phrase is very traditional, but the fun colors modern it up. Easy step by step instructions with photos.


So I am a polka dot girl… Like, seriously. So this dot Christmas front doormat made me take instant notice! Plus, it’s so freakin’ easy, how could you not make this mat? From ‘The DIY Playbook’, this may be the one we are going to make this year! You could customize it to fit whatever Christmas colors you may like including adding metallics. But I think the white is a must. After all, falling snow makes almost everyone dream of the holidays!

Christmas Doormats You Can Make


Noel Christmas Doormat

So this front doormat looks complicated, but it’s not. Jump on over to ‘Paint and Pattern’ and find out how to use stencils, chalk paint and a little masking tape to create this intricate looking mat. They tell you how to get the exact stencil they used as well. They have other Christmas doormat ideas for you too!


Oh Deer Me!

Can’t get more simple than this, ‘Heidi Swapp’ used a reindeer head stencil and some Christmas red to create a ten minute doormat!


Jingle All the Way

Love this front door mat from ‘Life on Summerhill’. She used a simple and inexpensive plain coir doormat, outdoor craft paint, and a stencil.


Layered Christmas Doormat

Everyday Jenny’ made this cute “Fresh Cut Christmas Trees’ stencil for her door mat, but we love how she used some holiday fabric underneath to create a layered look. You could do this same thing with a slightly larger rug or floor mat. Or, do like she did and hem up a clearance piece of holiday fabric.


Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Front Doormats

So both these holiday doormat ideas are a little more intensive projects, but still equally inexpensive and totally gorgeous! They aren’t difficult, just more time consuming. But if you love your crafting, give these beauties a try! After all, it’s a $3 doormat, right?

From ‘We Lived Happily Ever After’, this gingerbread house mat is stunning. I can guarantee you no one else on the block will have this charming of a front entry for Christmas! They went one step further with this Christmas doormat, cutting it into a gingerbread house shape. No vinyl cutting machine required for this one! You can use her design as a template to handpaint the dots and lines that make up this project.


Ok, this is a masterpiece! We are in love with this Anthro inspired Christmas doormat DIY. Yep, this is really a DIY project! No Cricut required for this one. This is genius easy. They bought a cheap Santa doormat at Michaels, then simply painted over with pastel colors, using the existing pattern on the mat to trace over. Yep, that’s it! Easier than paint by numbers… Kinda, paint over numbers? :) Find the full tutorial over at ‘Alexa Elizabeth Style’.


Starbucks Christmas Mat

Kayla Makes’ uses a vinyl cutting machine to make amazing custom Christmas doormats like this one. She makes a different one for every season, and why not? This Starbucks themed front mat is exactly the thing to put a smile on the face of all your visitors. I would recommend having an awesome coffee bar inside though… Let’s face it, after this entryway welcome, your guests are gonna kind of expect it. ;) They use a Cricut vinyl cutting machine for this… and frankly, if you are this into crafting, you should have one. You can get one on Amazon or at your local craft store. You will use them for everything.


Ya’ Filthy Animal

This one kinda speaks for itself, right? If you don’t get the reference, then spend a little time binge watching traditional Christmas movies… especially (hint, hint…) Home Alone! From ‘Diary of a Debutante’, she starts with a blank coir doormat and used a Cricut for this one. Also, cheap paintbrushes and black acrylic paint.


We Wish You a  Merry Chrstmas

Studio Xtine’ made this Merry Christmas doormat with a different kind of vinyl cutting machine, a Silhouette Cameo. she made a stencil on feezer paper, and then used old paintbrushes and acrylic craft paint to complete the project. She also sprayed it with Scotchguard to give it a little protection from dirt and moisture.


More Merry + Bright Christmas Doormats

Again, starting with a plain coir doormat, from ‘Dress Cori Lynn’, this simple and modern Christmas doormat is a really quick project. Another one that uses a Cricut machine (we told you they were good for everything!) but you could easily buy a stencil to do this project.


Fa-La-La-La Fabulous

Make this Christmas front doormat from ‘Burton Avenue’ with a store bought stencil, or make one with a vinyl cutting machine. They used a super cool trick to make the stencil stick to the door mat for crisp lines too!

So get to makin’ one of these super welcoming Christmas doormats, most of them take less than 30 minutes! Then jump on over to our post Magical Christmas Village Ideas, and then check out Creative Front Porch Christmas Decorations on TGG, and our DIY Christmas Tree Made with Firefly Lights on OhMeOhMy!

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